“If you can dream it, it is possible.”

This is the vibe that I pick up from speaking with Keia Dreger, director and creator of Mythos, A Springtime Fair, which will be held April 21 at Alberta Avenue Community Centre.

Dreger created the festival out of a need for artists and artisans to “have an opportunity to learn, express, showcase themselves, network, create conscious community, gain exposure.” Dreger is also an artist. She works in a variety of mediums and has designed some dividers, which will be for sale at the fair.

Mythos is a bit of an eclectic fair. As Dreger explained, the event is a “real grab-bag of events and programs.”

Events and programs include laughter yoga, ecstatic dance, partner massage, tarot and I Ching readings, permaculture, gardening, henna art, and tai chi. Vendors will be available with market crafts like handmade chocolates, essential oils, and jewelry. Afterwards, there will be a dance lasting until around 2 a.m.

At least a few of the workshops she mentions intrigue me, although dancing until the wee hours on a weeknight is a bit of a stretch at my age.

Dreger said that the fair is open to anyone who wishes to attend. “Mostly young people attend, but it is certainly family friendly. A lot of parents bring their kids along. Really it is for anyone who wants to learn something, experience something new, have a good time without booze or drugs.”

Last year, Dreger held the fair at a different venue in Edmonton’s south side. She had a good turnout. This year’s change in venue was due to a number of factors.

“I live in the area. It’s great seeing what is happening with the arts community here. I thought the fair could draw from the local artistic talent and interests,” Dreger explained.

Sounds like a good bet to me.

For more about the festival, check out the Facebook event Mythos: A Springtime Fair II.


Thursday, April 21
3 p.m. until about 2 a.m.
Alberta Avenue Hall
9210 – 118 Avenue
Free admission