Why is the moon round? Why is the sky blue? Who is going to explain it to me? With those questions begins the job of the teacher, who leads us through the years and our youth. Everything in life begins with the smallest things. The first steps start a long path into life. 

This past year in Grade 8, I attended Genesis Catholic Online School. This school has opened itself to me like a bright world. It is like an organism, where all the organs work collectively and in an organized manner: teachers that love their work, and children with lots of energy and unlimited imagination. In order for us students to open up our minds to the mystery of knowledge, the teachers sit down in the evenings in order to find materials that will grab our attention. 

My homeroom teacher was Mr. Loeffler. He has a big heart and loves teaching his students. He has given his students the gift of kindness, and became our friend. He gives advice, and explains the possible ways of making decisions in different situations. He helps us to overcome obstacles, and push us forward in life.

My school has talented teachers who try to create interesting online classes  on various topics, some of which include the epoch of the Renaissance, the world of the Aztecs, Europe, and the Middle Ages, and the world of exploration of Christopher Columbus and Galileo Galilei. We create short films in which we ourselves become the characters of a story and try to understand the ways of life of peasants during feudal Europe. In order to understand the world around us, a talented group of teachers help us in our pursuit of knowledge. 

Mr. Loeffler has done an exceptional job to ensure that students gain the knowledge they require in the most interesting way possible. This year, we have been introduced to classical stories written by Edgar Allen Poe, the paintings of Leonardo De Vinci, and the theories of Galileo Galilei, who proved beyond doubt that the earth is round and is in constant motion. We have also read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and learned about the laws of Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal, and the theories of Pythagoras. 

The school has many clubs based on the large variety of hobbies of the students, such as hockey, writing, painting, and gaming. These clubs also contribute to the well-being of students and the enrichment of their hobbies. 

Teachers are constantly in contact with students and their parents, which makes the process of learning more organized and productive. In our school, there have been very useful options that students could pick from. Some options included computer sciences, film studies, design, and fashion studies. The advances which humanity has seen now in medicine, science, math, geography, and technology, among many other sectors, have all become possible because of knowledge transmitted throughout generations from the mouth of a teacher to the ears of a dedicated student. 

When I grow up and graduate from school, I would like to pursue a career in teaching. I would like to be a teacher who will transmit the vast amount of knowledge acquired by humanity through the generations to faithful students. I would give my whole self to teaching the next generation of engineers, mathematicians, scientists, construction workers, welders, computer programmers, geographers, and so on. They in turn will transmit their knowledge to the generation which will proceed them, and thus our civilization thrives and will continue to thrive. No other path is possible.