Talea Medynski

Talea is the Rat Creek Press editor. She loves sharing the stories of our diverse neighbourhoods.

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Kate Wilson

Kate took up the reporter's pad and pen while living in northern Alberta. The writing bug stuck, and the next 20 years were spent covering everything from local politics to community happenings. She lives in Alberta Avenue with her daughter.

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Stephen Strand

29 Articles

Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck

Aydan is a social worker, blogger, tango dancer, outdoor enthusiast and co-parent with Patricia to 8 children and 16 grandchildren. He’s also a resident of the 'hood and loving it.

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Constance Brissenden

Constance’s writing and editing career spans more than 40 years. She lives in Parkdale-Cromdale.

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Karen Mykietka

A busy woman of many jobs, Karen spends too much time in front of a computer. In the past 20 years, she has lived in Eastwood, Alberta Avenue, and now Parkdale, meeting awesome people everywhere she goes.

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Mari Sasano

Mari is a writer and civil servant.

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Chantal Figeat

Chantal began professional writing while attending Carleton University. She enjoys the history of the Norwood area as well as the cultural diversity along Alberta Avenue.

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Rebecca Lippiatt

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Sierra Bilton

Sierra is a Communications student specializing in Journalism at MacEwan University. She has a particular love of the art and culture found nestled in Edmonton's Alberta Avenue communities and beyond.

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Mimi Williams

Mimi is a writer who first moved to the Alberta Avenue area over 20 years ago. She has participated in a number of revitalization initiatives and continues to promote the Ave as one of the best areas to live, work and play in Edmonton.

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Rusti Lehay

A member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada since 2003, Rusti has been writing professionally since 1999. Her favourite word activity is immersion editing with memoir writers.

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Adam Millie

Adam works as a mechanic and lives in Alberta Avenue.

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Hamdi Issawi

Hamdi is a journalism student at MacEwan University. He cut his teeth as a contributor on Terra Informa, an award-winning, environmental news magazine. He has also written for The Gateway Online and The Griff. Find Hamdi on Twitter @hamdiissawi.

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Amanda Sokal

Amanda is a budding entrepreneur, a practicing Wiccan, a gardener and an herbalist working to obtain a degree as a Naturopathic Practitioner.

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Tekla Luchenski

Tekla enjoys renovating her 1953 bungalow in Parkdale, with attention to period style, including pink bathrooms. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she is excited to contribute to The Rat Creek Press as a passionate observer of lifestyle and community expression.

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Nadine Riopel

Nadine is a professional facilitator and connector. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Spruce Avenue community, where she lives with her husband and young son.

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Breann Gurney

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Dave Von Bieker

Dave Von Bieker writes essays, poems and songs that hold a magnifying glass to the Sacred small. He looks for beauty everywhere and is awestruck at how often he finds it. His reflections on art, faith, and technology ask questions about what it means to be a slow, attentive human in a world of fast, distracting machines. He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree and is Artistic Director of the Bleeding Heart Art Space. He lives in inner city Edmonton with his wife, two children and a small dog who is most certainly not a cat.

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Alita Rickards

Alita moonlights as a freelance writer focused on interesting people, music, arts, food, culture, sustainable lifestyles, and human rights. These same things attracted her to become a homeowner in vibrant, diverse, walkable Alberta Avenue.

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Patricia Dunnigan

Patricia Dunnigan lives in Alberta Avenue with her husband Aydan. She is writing a book of short stories. She is a member of the Saint City Writers and has works published in two anthologies.

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Steven Townsend

Steven is an Edmonton native, community organizer and small business owner. His twitter handle is @grimacetv.

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Nikki-Karyssa Scott

Nikki-Karyssa grew up in the Okanagan Valley working in orchards and vineyards before moving to Edmonton in 2007. She received her BSc in Production Horticulture in 2012. She lives in Alberta Avenue and is the plant growth manager at the University of Alberta’s research greenhouse.

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Shirley Serviss

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Sharee Aluko

Sharee has a Masters in Business Administration and is passionate about sharing information. She currently works full-time in the banking sector.

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Nicola Dakers

Nicola has lived in the Alberta Avenue community for 10 years and works for the City of Edmonton. She likes writing, reading, history, painting, gardening, animals, getting lost in the woods, and the awesome people in her community.

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Franki Harrogate

Franki is a graduate student in counselling psychology and an active volunteer. She’s happily married to a talented acupuncturist, and mama to two fascinating miniature humans.

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Rob Bernshaw

Rob is a member of the Rat Creek Press Board.

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Jennifer Stewart

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Susan Allebone

Susan lives, creates, socializes, shops and volunteers in the “United Nations” of Edmonton—Alberta Avenue. “We believe in 118” is not just a slogan for her, it's a way of life.

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Alouise Dittrick

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Cadence Bergman

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Tamie Perryment

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Cynthia Mondesir

Cynthia is a newcomer to Edmonton and a pediatrician in Bethel, Alaska. She is excited to learn more about this great city.

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Meena Deccan

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Jessica MacQueen

Jessica is a recent transplant to Alberta Avenue, and Chair of the Rat Creek Press board.

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Nicole Malenczak

Nicole lives in Alberta Ave with her husband, dog and chinchilla. She is a former board member of Edmonton Youth Justice Committee Society.

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Nadine Uwimana

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C A Holloway

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Kevin Wong

Kevin is a self-proclaimed foodie with a very punny sense of humor, who will possibly be your next best friend. Twitter handle @keviowrongyeg.

2 Articles

Maegan Saunders

Maegan studied professional writing and fund development, combining her love of writing with her desire to make a difference. Maegan is also the founder of a local body positivity blog and brand.

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Brieanna McCutcheon

Brieanna has a college education in radio and television. In her spare time, you can find her writing on her blog or running to acting auditions.

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Mark Parsons

Born and raised in Edmonton, Mark is a HR professional, writer, artist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Multi Menu Edmonton, a local company that brings the pet store to your door.

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Lorraine Bergstrom

Lorraine, a Parkdale resident for almost 11 years, loves the potential and inclusiveness of this community. She facilitates jam sessions for community musicians and performers.

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Charles Marrow

1 Article

Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn has published two novels and several short stories and articles. Writer in residence at EPL in 2012, she has worked at the Nina Haggerty Centre for five years.

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Andrea Ruelling

Andrea is a speech-language pathologist who works as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Alberta. She is also an avid gardener and world traveler. She has lived in Alberta Avenue since 2006.

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Cris Basualdo

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Susan Johnstone

Sue Johnstone lives in Parkdale with her family and many neighbours--some that she knows and some that she wants to get to know!

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Trisha Estabrooks

Trisha is the EPSB Trustee for Ward D. She is a former journalist with CBC.

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Brendan Van Alstine

Brendan is the former volunteer coordinator for Arts on the Ave. He has a background in social work and communications, and he has worked for a wide variety of volunteer-dependent organizations.

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Sean MacQueen

Sean is a public servant who loves bicycles, renovating his house, and the Alberta Avenue community. He serves on the boards of RCP and EBC.

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Raymond Gariepy

Raymond is a writer and artist living in Edmonton. He was the managing editor of a newspaper and a magazine published by the Alberta Teachers' Association.

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Aaron Paquette

1 Article

Nazreena Anwar-Travas

1 Article

Randi Letendre

1 Article

Lana Whiskeyjack

Lana is a Cree multidisciplinary artist from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. She researches, writes, and creates to educate and decolonize one creation at a time.

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Eric Grant

Eric lives, bicycles, and gardens in Alberta Avenue.

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Pauline Ismael

Pauline has lived the area for almost 20 years and is currently finishing a degree in secondary education.

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