Alberta Avenue is well known for its arts community, and now it has one more option for shoppers looking for unique items and gifts with The Avenue Artisan Shop.

Ali Hammington created the business venture due to the inspiration and encouragement from another business owner on the Avenue.

Hammington says, “Priyank Patel of MedX Drugs [118 Ave and 90 St.] had some space in his pharmacy. Priyank is a big booster of the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood, and his generosity is well-known at the Alberta Ave Community League, where I serve as president. In conversation one day, he mentioned to me that he’d like to open a neighbourhood gift shop where local artists and artisans could showcase their talent, and community members could find unique, affordable gifts. I thought it was a fabulous idea, and we immediately began brainstorming. The Avenue Artisan Shop was born.”

People are always looking for unique gifts to show appreciation or to congratulate each other. We can all attest to the fact that most people love to receive gifts and we rarely ever say no to such kind gestures. 

The shop will be located inside MedX Drugs, and will occupy the western half of the space. The store is expected to open in October. 

The Alberta Avenue Artisan Shop is based on a business model that will not only be beneficial for patrons buying the products, but also to local artists. The shop will promote a means of livelihood for these artists, hence boosting the local economy with an increased flow of disposable income. This income opportunity is definitely coming at a time when situations are dire and the additional circulation of cash is needed.

Hammington states, “We will feature works on consignment by artists and artisans from Edmonton and area, with a particular focus on the creative genius of our own neighbourhood. Anyone interested in placing their work with us is encouraged to email photos and prices to [email protected].”

The opening of the shop will also provide more variety in shopping options for customers and will add to the vibrancy of the Alberta Avenue business community. In a period of economic downturn caused by the lengthy pandemic, the emergence of a new business is a welcome addition to the local economy. It brings hope that though some business owners have had to close their doors, new ones are opening.