How we show what our classes are doing at our local school


Every month, the different classrooms create unique bulletin boards to showcase artwork or themes they are working on. Here are a few interesting ones to check out.

The Curious Kinders made art using equal parts of white glue and shaving cream to create puffy, fluffy snow. | Norwood Newspaper Club
The Flying High 5s made a bulletin board so other classes can write what they love on the hearts with the crayons hanging by wool strings from the board. It is surrounded by art the students made showing the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and northern lights of Canada. | Norwood Newspaper Club
Ms. Wiatr’s Wonder Ones made art from scraps to show the uniqueness and colourfulness of their days. | Norwood Newspaper Club

Norwood Newspaper Club was formed by Ms. Rickards as a way to have members of her Grade 5 class at Norwood Elementary School learn about being journalists.

Featured Image: Mrs. Kurie and Ms. Lothian’s bulletin board for the Grade 4 Rams shows ways you can deal with your health and emotions. | Norwood Newspaper Club