Hearkening back to childhood with a classic tale

This past December, I travelled to London to see family for the holidays. While there, we journeyed to the Cotswolds to see the Spectacle of Light at Sudeley Castle. The event, set at night, guides people through illuminated trails on castle grounds and gardens and employs actors to enjoy the story of Peter Pan.

The trails, paths, lights and decorations make up for missing Candy Cane Lane, a tradition at home. Earlier in December, I also attended a photography workshop hosted by the Rat Creek Press. I’ve always enjoyed playing with images and cameras. It was only natural to attempt to use some of the tips I’d learned during the workshop during the event.

The first sign we were entering a place of magic, which required a sense of wonder. | Rusti L Lehay
The trees were all dressed. | Rusti L Lehay
We had to board a ship and fight a pirate before proceeding. | Rusti L Lehay
Next we traversed the maze of lanterns to Sudeley Castle of Cheltenham, England. | Rusti L Lehay
I wanted to change my name to Wendy so I could go in. | Rusti L Lehay
In order to be genuine children, we had to take lessons from Captain Hook. It was only polite to wait until there were no actual children in line to play with Captain Hook! | Rusti L Lehay
My playmate Angela banished me with her star-wand. Captain Hook commented, “You are so bendy!”| Rusti L Lehay
After the magic of Hook, the lights shone even more beautifully and some globes sang as they changed colours. | Rusti L Lehay
Chloe, the fairy grove guardian, introduced us to all the fairies that accompany Tinkerbell on her journeys. | Rusti L Lehay
It is safe to say we had a royal good time. There are no pictures from inside the castle because people actually live there. | Rusti L Lehay

Featured Image: Peter Pan and Wendy flew through the skies. | Rusti L Lehay