Provided by: Mayada Tawachi (Executive Director, Canadian Arab Friendship Association). Arts on the Ave has allowed RCP to post this fable online.

The smiling sun came out from behind the mountains. It covered hills and hills in a light that rays.

People went out to the field, to the wadi, to the plain.

Here is a farmer who is plowing, here is a student studying, and here…

Who is this walking in the countryside?

With a boy who looks like him, and a cute donkey

“Who is this? Who is this?”

“This is bad. He goes on the back of a donkey, and the boy is like all the little ones, running for joy on the road, and laughing at the sound of the braying. He goes on the back of a donkey…”

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But in the middle of the road, they passed a crowd of people.

They blazed stares, heard loud whispers:

“How cruel this person was, comfort and all safety, on his donkey like a prince, leaving his son walking.”

“People have a right, O child, it will be said about me in the country: “ I am cruel, I am unjust, ” and they may complain about me to the ruler. Come and sit in my place.”

After hundreds of meters, the child was on the back of a donkey. They passed by other people.

And also…

They blazed stares, heard loud whispers:

“This boy appears strong, and his father is no longer a boy. Will he stay all day, riding on a donkey?”

“What shall we do, my son? It will be said about you in the country, that you are the little one and do not have pity on the old. Let’s ride both of us.”

And so it became. Goha and the boy were level on the back of a donkey. And it is only minutes until…

They blazed stares, heard loud whispers:

“This poor donkey. How cruel a human heart. Let these two pity the weakness of this animal.”

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“Come on, boy, let’s go down, we will not please anyone in the country.” Let us carry donkeys, and let us return to the land of the house.

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It was only moments until laughter rose up, and people were chanting:

“This is! This is Juha, the insane. ”

Basically, someone who thinks that he is able to please all people is really insane.

Crazy, insane.

Juha and his Donkey
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