On May 28, Elmwood Park hosted their Big Bin Event. Interested residents went over to the league with all of their unwanted items in tow and received a free league membership at the same time. 

“[It’s a] good chance to meet all of our community league members and neighbours,” says Morgan Wolf, league president. 

Community members took advantage of the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, with some residents emptying out their entire garages for the event. Household furniture and waste too large for curbside pickup were accepted in the two big bins. 

Elmwood Park Community League partnered with the City of Edmonton and received a grant for their event. 

One great perk about the Elmwood Park Big Bin Event is that the small community made for almost no lines. Residents could simply drive up, drop off their items, and be on their way. And if they were lucky, residents could even find a few hidden treasures at the event. 

Phil Moore, who volunteered at the event, rescued a few bikes from the bin, and he plans on rehoming them. “[The bike] was too good to go in the dumpster, so some lucky kid is going to get it,” he says. 

Moore said that residents  trickled in two or three at a time at a steady pace throughout the morning. 

Last year, Eastwood Community League and Elmwood Park Community League hosted a joint waste pick-up event.  Organizers rented several moving trucks and retrieved unwanted items from residents in the community who had called ahead, before dropping the waste off at Northlands in a designated Elmwood Park and Eastwood spot. 

For more information about Elmwood Park’s upcoming events, see their Facebook page.