With 100 blocks and over 6,000 people living in the Alberta Avenue community, it is easy to become disconnected and not know those living in the neighbourhood. The Alberta Avenue Community League wishes to change that with its Neighbour Connect Project.

“We are hiring, at the moment, 12 positions this summer,” said Lenn Wheatley, neighbourhood connector with Alberta Avenue Community League.

The league is hiring two full-time summer student positions, known as neighbourhood engagement coordinators, and 10 student interns. The summer students and interns will support the Neighbourhood Connect Project.

“We will go to a block and do an event, so that we can make connections on that block, and so neighbours can meet each other,” explained Karen Mykietka, facility and program manager with Alberta Avenue Community League. “That’s why it’s called the Neighbour Connect Project. It’s about getting neighbours connected to each other. When neighbours are connected and know each other, the neighbourhood is safer. They can watch out for each other.”

The full-time positions are 16 weeks long, begin May 1, and pay $15 an hour for 35 hours per week. The interns will be asked to work between 60 to 100 hours over the summer for a $1,000 bursary. The full-time positions require student applicants who are returning to school in the fall.

The community league applied for funding from the provincial and federal governments for the two full-time positions. The internships are through Volunteer Alberta’s Serving Communities Internship Program. Check eligibility criteria at joinscip.ca.

“We are going to hire one full-time person regardless,” added Mykietka. “But if we get funding, it will allow us to hire two people.” And they really need two people because they have an ambitious plan in place.

During the summer months, the plan is to host 50 different activities on 50 different blocks to help connect the people who live there. On top of that, organizers also plan to make contact with at least some people on all 100 blocks.

“Without the people power, we cannot do it,” explained Mykietka. Wheatley added that the project will also require numerous community volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, email engage@albertaave.org. A volunteer sign up for tasks and events is coming soon.

To learn more about the positions and the project, visit the Alberta Avenue Community League website albertaave.org.

Featured Image: This summer, Alberta Avenue neighbourhood residents can look forward to plenty of events meant to connect the community. | Supplied