The first thing you notice about the Budapest Delicatessen is the mouth-watering smell of smoked meats wafting down 111 Avenue. The next thing is the bright and welcoming interior, where shoppers can meet new owners Silvia Taborosi and her parents, Maria and Imre.

Taborosi and her parents purchased the store from the long-time previous owners. Hungarian families have owned the store for 35 years. Taborosi and her family are from Senta, Serbia, but Taborosi provided a geography and history lesson: her hometown of Senta is 100 miles from the Hungarian border. In Europe that means the town bounced back and forth between various powers, but most people speak Hungarian.

Taborosi was eight when her family immigrated to Canada for a better life, but her family wanted to ensure their children spoke Hungarian, so they spoke their mother tongue at home. Taborosi said they even had to speak Hungarian with their friends. This means she can converse fluently with her customers in Hungarian. Her parents also speak Serbian.  

The store’s main customer base may be from Eastern Europe and hungry for a taste of home, but Taborosi said she “looks forward to meeting people in the community. Even if you’re not feeling like shopping, come in and say hello.” She added, “Come and try the sausages.”  

The shelves are filled with brightly coloured packages of teas, snacks, pastas, and treats from Hungary, Romania, and Serbia. Homemade pastries adorn the counter, and smoked meats fill the deli cooler, such as a side of bacon and sausages, including beef sausages and dried meats.  

Customers have the option of buying several prepared dinners if they are curious about Hungarian food. Every meal includes a soup, and the store offers goulash soup to start. Try meals such as chicken and dumplings or cabbage and pork.  

Silvia said she “Googles everything or goes to my mom” when she is trying out new recipes. She urged new customers who would like to try making Hungarian food to do the same and “come and ask my mom.”  



9308 111 AVENUE


HOURS: TUES-FRI 9 am-5 pm

SAT 9 am-4 pm


Featured Image: Silvia Taborosi and her parents are the new owners of Budapest Delicatessen on 111 Avenue. | Rebecca Lippiatt