A family is akin to flowers growing on the same stem that support and love each other. Their devotion, kindness, and support are so great that no wind can break those flowers. 

Family is the most comfortable and cozy place on Earth; it is a safe haven where you are always welcome, and it is made up of people who always listen, understand, and help. It is the people for whom you want to wake up each day, and praise God every moment for the joy of being part of a family. A family is a place where you are loved simply for being yourself and accepted as you are. 

Everything begins with a family; they make up this unique world in which people from different generations live. Family members are different threads interlacing into one pattern; if one thread breaks, the pattern loses its integrity. 

Much like an angel has two wings, so does a child have their father and mother. The father and the mother are two halves of one heart, and when put together they constitute life. Children are mirrors of their parents. Just like in drops of water where the sun is reflected, children are reflected in their parents. 

The family is the first school in life, where children learn traditions, kindness, support, and help. It is a bridge between the past and the future. Life takes on special meaning when a grandmother teaches her granddaughter to bake a pie, when a grandfather teaches his grandson to build a birdhouse, and when everyone gathers around one table. Thus, the traditions which have united a family throughout many generations are passed onto future generations. 

For me, a family is the source of all warmth and brightness. It is a place filled with the smell of freshly baked bread and brimmed with the feeling of comfort. I will always feel welcome there and I will always feel like I belong. 

My mom gave my brother and me life and devotes herself to us; my father gives me confidence in my abilities; and my brother listens to me, gives me advice, and supports and protects me. They celebrate my successes, share my grief over failures, and work to support and help me. 

People do not need much in order to be happy in life. Peace, harmony, and understanding between parents and children are all that is needed. On the third Monday of February, families across Canada will gather to mark Family Day. It is a special day to show how much you truly care about your family members and to show how much you are thankful for your family’s love and support. This holiday is a clear reminder to preserve the unity of our families for generations to come. No matter where you go about in life, home is the place where you will always be accepted and where you can always return.

On Family Day, I also want to remember the many children who, due to various circumstances, were left without the warmth and love of their biological parents, and pay my utmost respect to parents who adopted children, and are now letting those children experience the warmth and love that only parents can offer. 

A family is a ship in the sea of life and its stability depends on the actions of all its crew.