Local leagues planning events to celebrate community

Life may have changed recently, but leagues are still celebrating Community League Day on Sept. 19.

Janita Burgess, communications and engagement advisor of Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, says, “We are encouraging people and community leagues to do whatever they feel safe doing within the guidelines.”

Burgess explains leagues can celebrate “in a whole bunch of ways. It is possible to do so through all kinds of platforms, media. Some are holding in-person events with social distancing, some are doing online events, and some are holding asynchronous events.” Visit efcl.org/covid-19-information/ for resources or requirements.

Kate Boorman, president of Spruce Avenue Community League, says, “We are scheming up alternatives that celebrate our community in a safe, socially-distanced way. Some ideas include a community parade and virtual scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood.” Details will be posted on their social media channels. Spruce Ave plans to celebrate on Sept. 19.

Last year’s Community League Day at Spruce Ave. This year will look a little different. | Kate Wilson

Westwood Community League is holding a Big Bin event on Sept. 19 in the hall parking lot from 9 am until the bin is full.  

Katie Hayes, communications director, says, “People are expected to stay two metres apart during the drop off. Masks are encouraged.”

Alberta Avenue’s plans for Sept. 19 are still in development, but involve a masquerade-themed event with people wearing their best masks. Ali Hammington, league president, says, “We know we’re having a barbecue and music and entertainment.” 

Hammington explains, “My focus is on diversity,” and hopes to draw more people from the Indigenous and newcomer communities. She also plans to include cultural performances. The event will run from 1 to 4 pm in the garden.

Parkdale Cromdale Community League’s plans are still in the works, says Sarah DeLano, program director. They will hold a joint event with Strathearn Community League since both communities will be in the same ward by October 2021.

A previous year’s Community League Day at Alberta Ave. Plans are still in the works for this year. | Supplied

“With the new ward boundaries, we wanted to make it a civic event so people could understand how the new boundaries are drawn and represented,” says DeLano. “Our intention is to do a live music event, but the venue is up in the air.” She submitted a request to book the Borden Park bandshell, but it wasn’t confirmed as of press time.

The event is on Sept. 19, likely from 1 to 7 pm, with music hopefully starting at 3 pm. Local musicians will be performing. “We’ve got lots of musical talent on the board,” says DeLano. Look for more information closer to Sept. 19 via their website.

Gillian Daley-deGroot, president of Elmwood Park Community League, says their plan is “a socially-distanced picnic where we’ll provide food, drinks, and entertainment. We’ll be handing out little craft kits kids can do with their families.” Residents can also tackle an obstacle course or try the temporary skate park. Check it out on Sept. 19 from 3 – 6 pm. 

Farid Foroud, president of Delton Community League, says the league is holding a membership drive on Sept. 19 from 11 am to 1 pm. The event is outdoors at the rink shack. “Come out, get your membership and a hotdog,” says Foroud.

Eastwood will likely not hold a Community League Day event this year.

A testament to the importance of community is how many leagues are planning an event. 

“People, they want to connect,” says Burgess. “We hope that as many people as possible will celebrate. Be loud and proud in your celebrations.”


Sept. 19

Alberta Ave: albertaave.org

Delton: deltoncommunity.com

Eastwood: eastwoodcommunity.org

Elmwood Park: elmwoodparkcommunity.org

Parkdale Cromdale: parkdalecromdale.org

Spruce Ave: spruceavenuecommunity.com

Westwood: westwoodcl.ca

Featured Image: This year, Parkdale Cromdale Community League is holding a live musical event. | Kate Wilson