Eastwood Community League continues to build community connectedness

Eastwood Community League has been busy this past year-and-a-half. The board renovated their hall last summer and installed security cameras. They expanded their community garden, offering a portion to residents for free community harvest.

They’re also inviting community participants to offer their creativity and energy to help make a mosaic tile mural for the hall exterior. The mural should be ready by the end of February, and installed in the spring.  

“All these upgrades highlight our aspiration to keep building community capacity with an emphasis on safety, connectedness, and beautification,” says Donna Yateman, league president. 

“While all this is taking place, we’ve seen some vacancies on the board. We’re looking for new board members to keep the momentum going.” 

Yateman notes Eastwood is a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood, with many small businesses starting up and young families moving in. There are also challenges in the area of food security and building community connectedness. 

“We’re in the midst of recruiting board directors, and would be thrilled to hear from any residents who’d like to bring to our board their enthusiasm for growing community and continuing our upgrades.”

Available positions include secretary, treasurer, and directors-at-large. Interested residents are asked to contact Donna Yateman or the Eastwood Community League office at: 780.477.2354. Their website is eastwoodcommunity.org.

Featured Image: Eastwood Community League has had a busy year-and-a-half. | Supplied