Comparing chickens to chickens

Fried chicken isn’t economical, but it is quick.| Pixabay

Fried chicken isn’t economical, but it is quick.| Pixabay

Rotisserie chicken is affordable and can be used in many ways. | Pixabay
Cooking your own chicken is affordable and you can use it in several ways. IMG 5 credit: Sierra Bilton IMG 6 credit: Pixabay

Fried Chicken Rotisserie Chicken Home-Cooked
What you get 10 chicken pieces: $20.99 at KFC.

Save-on-Foods or Safeway: 9 pieces for $14.99.

$9.99 at Safeway and Save-On-Foods. Safeway

$2.99/lb: 3-5 lb chickens range from $8.97 to $14.95.

Savings KFC coupons.

$9.99 special on Thursdays at Safeway deli.

$7.99 special on Wednesdays at Safeway. Watch for sales.

Bulk (2 or 3 pack).

Frozen is usually cheaper than fresh.

Bonus Fast is really the only convenience when looking at the price. Low price and convenient. Can be healthy, especially if skin is removed. Many ways to cook. You can use carcass to make stock.

Less expensive per lb than rotisserie chicken, according to

*All prices shown do not include tax

Header Image by Sierra Bilton

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