Rahul Sharma gives back to his community through volunteer work.

In 2019, he was on the Eastwood league board as the communications director, and he recently started volunteering at the league again. Sharma has also been involved with the Bethel Place Food Pantry since December 2020. 

Sharma decided to volunteer “just to give back to the community,” he says. “It gives me something to do, and it’s also boosted my confidence.”

“You get to be part of the community… pulse,” says Sharma. “The community is a living thing. And we’re all part of it.”

He says it’s the people that make the community in Eastwood special. They’re all just “regular folks” and there’s no snootiness that goes on in the neighbourhood. 

The Bethel Place Food Pantry is a space where community members can access free food if they are in need and being able to volunteer there has been especially rewarding, says Sharma. 

“Anybody, it doesn’t matter who you are, can run into hard times,” says Sharma. “It just takes a few bad decisions, or not even bad decisions. Sometimes things happen [that are] out of your control. So, sometimes you get hit by an unexpected expense… and you need to rely on a food bank, [for example].” 

“I’ve had hard times in life too, so I understand,” adds Sharma. 

Ultimately volunteering comes down to one thing for Sharma: “If you can give somebody a hand, why not do it?” he says. 

It’s “people helping people” that’s so important, says Rahul.