This Oct. 1, celebrate Seniors Saturday at Alberta Avenue Community League. 

Seniors Saturday is the same day as the International Day of Older Persons. This is SAGE Seniors Association’s inaugural event, and they will be hosting five events at five different venues, including at the league. 

“It’s going to be five different workshops held at a variety of different community spaces and hosts around the city,” says Amber Alexander, events coordinator with SAGE Seniors Association. “All free of charge for seniors, caregivers, professionals, and it’s basically to connect seniors with resources that pertain to those subjects.” 

The association is hoping that Seniors Saturday will help seniors create connections within their community. “That is the one thing that we were missing from our virtual forums, and although we will be hosting another two-day, full day virtual forum in November, we really miss that in-person connection and that neighbourhood connection,” explains Alexander. And that connection is where the idea for Seniors Saturday came from.

“We really wanted to do something, and create an event that we can continue,” says Alexander. 

During Seniors Saturday, there will be two-hour long sessions at each venue, which will include hour-long presentations on various topics that affect seniors. “We are partnering with community leaders, and they are going to be presenting on a number of subjects,” says Alexander. “So, everything from living well with frailty to information regarding public transportation and access points or changes that are going to be incoming.” 

Alexander says, “It will be a one hour workshop [at the league] and then a meet and greet your neighbours session following.”

The sessions will also include information on how to create legacy boxes, financial literacy, guardianship and trustee information, and information about elder abuse. It will be a range of subjects, such as health, wellness, and housing, and how it pertains to seniors and caregivers.  

SAGE Seniors Association is an advocacy group for seniors, caregivers, and professionals. They provide a wide variety of services, many of which are free of charge.  

“We have a thriving class program, where seniors can come to our centre and take part in everything from Zumba to ESL lessons to coffee houses, book clubs, garden clubs,” Alexander says. The association also does a lot of work in communities, as well as having health services and social work departments. “So, folks who are needing an advocate for their life, whether it be struggling with everything from guardianship or trusteeship issues, to hoarding issues. We connect people with folks that can help them. And we serve predominantly marginalized seniors.”

At the time of writing this article, no speaker has been confirmed for the session being held at the league, but keep an eye out on the SAGE website for more information.

There will be a 50 per cent capacity limit at each venue, so a limited number of people can attend. 

Pre-register to prevent capacity issues on the day of the event, although organizers will do their best to accommodate anyone who shows up. “Which is also why we are kind of booking a lower number, so that if people do drop in, we can hopefully make space for them as well.”

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