On Thursday evenings at 6 pm, Alberta Avenue Community League hosts pay-what-you-can Zumba classes open to the community. 

Jayson Agir, an Alberta Avenue resident and seasoned Zumba instructor, organizes and teaches the classes. 

“I want to reach out to everyone,” says Agir, who has been teaching Zumba for six years. “I know our socioeconomic [situation in the community] is not the best, so I want to [give back], especially as an immigrant.” 

Agir offers Zumba classes for everyone, especially low-income households who have a love of Zumba but can’t afford to pay $10 to 20 for every session of drop-in Zumba classes. 

“I also love dancing, and I love sharing my passion,” he adds. 

“Anyone is welcome,” says Agir. No previous experience or skill is necessary. “I don’t expect everyone to be a good dancer, or to have [good] coordination. My main priority here for Zumba is to have fun. That’s everything. Have fun and then everything follows.”

Agir’s favourite part about teaching Zumba classes is seeing people smile and having fun in his class, and also fostering their self-confidence. He says some people are intimidated by how skilled instructors are, or they feel like they can’t pull off a move and decide not to join. He says he hopes that his classes will change that. “I want to welcome everyone,” says Agir. 

Zumba workouts target the whole body, but in a fun and engaging way. Make sure to bring some water and stay hydrated. Agir changes his music selections periodically to keep classes new and refreshing. 

The session I attended last week was undoubtedly fun. It was easy to follow along, the songs were high energy, and I never felt like I was in over my head. I left the class having experienced the most enjoyable workout in years, and other participants in the class also had a great time. 

“The pace was just right,” says Betty. 

Sarah adds,“It’s a good time!”

“It was fun!” says Sandra, another participant. 

The classes will continue throughout the summer until September. Head down to the league on Thursday evenings for a fun workout.