Renovations expected to be finished in September

The hall in Delton Community League is undergoing much-needed renovations after the roof leaked last year.

“We had a huge issue with our roof,” says Farid Foroud, league president. He explains that constant ice damming and heat loss during the winter resulted in shingle damage and a leak during the summer. “Last summer, during emergency conditions, we had to put a new roof on the outside.”

Although the roof is now metal on the outside, Farid explains workers had to remove the ceiling from the inside to do more work on insulation.

“We had to make sure there wasn’t any mould,” says Foroud. 

Although renovations won’t be extensive, they will be welcome. “We wanted to do more and bring the hall up to date. It hasn’t been renovated since the ‘80s.”

The renovations started after the roof leaked. | Karen Mykiekta

The hall will be painted with modern colours, lighting will be added, and something will likely be done to update the flooring. 

“The hall will look newer,” says Foroud.”There’ll be a bit of a visual update. It’ll at least look like this decade.”

The hall has been closed since January and will remain closed until May or June at the earliest, although Foroud says it will most likely open again in September.

The league was able to secure a matching grant to cover the renovations. Some work, like demolition, can be done by volunteers. Work requiring professional help, like electrical, will require hiring tradespeople. 

Delton’s hall is used mainly for local community events, like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and they don’t use it as often as other leagues for rentals. Any hall rental requests will be forwarded to other leagues. As for community activities normally held there, Foroud says, “We have to think of other alternatives or just not offer it this year. Our rink shack was open throughout the winter [for events].”

Featured Image: Delton hall’s renovations are likely to be complete by September. | Karen Mykietka