Eastwood is a community with a variety of green space. From yards to balconies to raised beds, I saw it all when I explored the neighbourhood.

Some gardens were neat and orderly, while others were riotous collections of colour, shape and size, revealing more the longer I looked. All delighted the eye.

My walk was fairly short, ranging from 119 Avenue and 86 Street, up to 123 Avenue, back down 85 and 84 Streets and back south to 119 Avenue.

I started at the corner of 119 Avenue and 86 Street, where the northeast home has an outdoor oven and cozy patio and the southeast residence has an accessibility ramp with flowers, trees, and shrubs.

At the corner of 121 Avenue and 86 Street is a yard bursting with flowers and trees.

Next, I went to 122 Avenue and 85 Street and admired the northwest corner of the brick home, with lilies, roses and other flowers bordering the house.

12325 83 Street (maybe) (1)

Then, I walked to 123 Avenue and 83 Street, where I found the middle house with stone lions guarding the door.

I continued to 12004 85 Street; the home was nominated for Yards in Bloom.

Other yards and gardens are works in progress, like the home at 12247 84 Street.

120 Avenue and 85 street (2)

At 120 Avenue and 85 Street, I spoke to Dalena McLean. She’s preparing raised beds she built using reclaimed materials. She plans to grow espalier fruit trees, edible plants, nitrogen-fixing plants, and bee-feeding plants. Timed irrigation is one way this low-maintenance garden will flourish. All are welcome to come by and look.

I ended my walk at McLean’s neighbour’s beautiful home at 12031 85 Street.

This route is a small selection of Eastwood’s yards and balconies.

I recommend taking a stroll or even a slow drive through the community. Stop and talk to your neighbours. Everyone I met was happy to show off their hard work!

All photos credited to Franki Harrogate.