Workshops for designing and assembling the mural are expected in the new year

A mosaic tile mural planned for the north side of Eastwood community hall is heading into the design stage, and recruitment for community help is underway. 

“The north wall has had graffiti in the past. We thought it would be great if we could bring to it a positive image, something encouraging,” explains Christy Morin, the league’s networking director.

She says the primary goal of installing a prominent piece of public art is to bring beauty to the area and to create a landmark. 

“The community hall and grounds are not just a space, but a piece of home for residents. A mural adds a sense of special place in your home community.”

Volunteers are being asked to help create the design and to help assemble the tile panels.

“Someone doesn’t have to be an experienced designer to help make mosaic tile art. They can come in, young or old, and participate,” says Morin.

The artist, Theodora Harasymiw, is one of the city’s premier mosaic tile creators. She will be asking workshop participants to explore the theme of flowers of Eastwood.

“This is about bringing neighbours together, to have their hands in a project that will be a landmark in Eastwood for generations to come,” says Donna Yateman, league president. “We want the whole community to feel a sense of pride when they see the mural.” 

Workshops are taking place in the new year and will focus on creating a design and helping assemble the tile panels. People who’d like to participate are asked to contact Eastwood Community League at: 780.477.2354.

Featured Image: Workshops will take place in the new year, overseen by the artist, Theodora Harasymiw. | Supplied