Nestled between churches on 93 Street and 117 Avenue is a quaint, recently built dog park. It can be hard to see at first if you are walking nearby, but this small park was made for your furry best friends. 

“We love that park!” says Samantha Walker, a long-time 118 Avenue resident. “We have two dogs, and one of them is not very friendly with other dogs…and because we can see who’s coming and get her leashed up fast…one of us can just take her to the leashed area behind the park, while our other dog can socialize like he loves to do.” 

According to the City of Edmonton Off-Leash Areas & Dog Parks website, all users of this new area must respect the rules included in the park’s bylaws and that are listed on the park’s signs. Dogs must remain on leash until they enter the barrier between public and park. Dog owners must always respect each other. Any violent dogs must be removed immediately. And an important rule to remember—primarily due to recent events in the area—is to avoid wildlife such as coyotes. But the number one rule is to clean up after your pup.

Garry the pug enjoys the inside of the new dog park. | Molly Staley

The Alberta Avenue Dog Park has a particular charm to it. It has beautiful trees, benches, puppy poop bags, and a lovely stillness during certain times of the day. As a frequent user, I find solace in taking my dog to the park. As he searches for the perfect spots to relieve himself, I’ll put on a podcast and walk around the small bit of land, or sometimes I’ll sit.

The dog park is open until 11 pm every day. | Molly Staley

However, Loretta Paulina calls it “the sad dog park” because it’s not relatively well known yet. Some people prefer to use the Eastwood Dog Park, as it’s larger and familiar. It should be known that although 118 Avenue and the surrounding area is full of beauty, culture, and life, we must be cautious dog owners in our communities. Unfortunately, the park doesn’t yet have proper lighting, so owners are limited when it comes to visiting at night or when the sun sets early from the fall to the spring.

The dog park is lovely, although it does need proper lighting for nighttime and during the colder months of the year. | Molly Staley

When asked how the City of Edmonton could improve the park, Walker notes, “It would be nice to see another entrance to get in and out of the park easier. We have seen improvements made since it opened, and we’re pleased.”

The Alberta Avenue Dog Park can be a new treasure in our dog-loving community if we let it be so. The park is open until 11 pm daily for users to responsibly enjoy.

Credit | Molly Staley

Molly is a journalist and communications specialist in Edmonton, Alberta. More than writing, she loves her pug, Garry.