Alberta Avenue Community League is hosting two highly anticipated events in May: the Bloomin’ Garden Sale and Strawberry Tea.

Bloomin’ Garden Sale takes place on May 14 at Alberta Ave Community League from 10 am until 4 pm. The event will feature plenty of plant vendors, including ​the Edmonton Horticultural Society, Prairie Gardens, and more. 

Alberta Ave’s compost sale fundraiser will run during the same time, and it’s the perfect way to support your community league and help your garden thrive. 

This is the first time in two years that Bloomin’ Garden Sale will be held, and the event is a great opportunity to learn more about gardening, meet up with your neighbours, and come home with a few additions for your garden. 

“I really love seeing all the people from… our neighbourhood really enjoying our neighbourly vibes,” says Kelsey Boychuk, the league’s program director. “Come support your local community league and local artisans!” 

Strawberry Tea will take place at the league on May 15 at 2 pm.

This is the first time that this fundraiser is being run, and Ali Hammington, league president, is optimistic about its success. “If it goes over well, then we may well make it an annual thing.” 

The event is a celebration of the league’s 100-year anniversary, and it is being modelled after strawberry tea events held in the 1920s, notes Valda Roberts, league vice president. 

“It’s an afternoon to meet your neighbours and to honour our history as a community league in this city,” says Roberts. The event will especially honour women and the impact that women have had in Alberta Avenue, since Alberta Ave was one of the first community leagues to accept women as members. 

The event has an old-fashioned theme, where guests can put on their afternoon finery, bring their friends, family, and neighbours, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with refreshments. Ward Métis Coun. Ashley Salvador and MLA Janis Irwin will also attend. 

While there is no dress code per se, Hammington says, “I’m going to wear a very nice dress and I might even, you know, put on a hat just because, why not?”

Gordon Ritchie, a harpist, will perform. Tickets for Strawberry Tea are available on the league website for $10. 

While the city is currently not mandating any COVID protocols for the two events, Hammington says, “We encourage people to wear masks if they wish, and we will provide masks and [hand] sanitizer on site.” Hammington adds, “We like to make sure that our neighbours are safe.” 

These events are an opportunity to help the league recover from financial struggles. “All these events are being done because the league has a financial shortfall due to the pandemic,” says Hammington. 

“We are certainly hoping that people will come out to these events and support our community league so that we can thrive and do programming for another 100 years,” adds Roberts. 

“I have tremendous faith in my neighbours,” Hammington continues. 

If you have the time and the means, support the league through their events this spring and summer.