Community gardens in the inner city have cropped up in recent years and show no signs of leaving. These gardens have provided not only fresh and healthy food for the community, but also a place for neighbours to connect. Garden members rent a small plot of land to grow their own plants, and the community gets a beautiful spot to meet and make connections. 

There are many benefits to joining a community garden.

Kate Wilson, manager of Eastwood Community Garden, says, “[It’s] the sense of being part of something that brings people from all walks of life together. Meeting people that I wouldn’t normally have met, that’s been the most rewarding aspect.” 

With the isolating impact of the pandemic, people feel the need to make connections more than ever and gardening is a perfect solution. Community gardens provide a refreshing green space and a place to socialize with neighbours. If you are looking for an opportunity to meet new people or grow some tasty produce, vist for more information on locations and tips on joining community gardens.

As more people look for ways to grow their own food in the city, the number and scale of community gardens have grown. In fact, both Spruce Avenue and Westwood Community Leagues are planning on creating their own community gardens in the next few years. Spruce Avenue Community League has already submitted the application to the City and there are plans to begin gardening as early as next spring. 

Ashley Ayume, Spruce Avenue Garden manager, says they hope to create an intergenerational connection and plan to include the local schools so that students are able to learn more about gardening and healthy eating. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn more about the history and operation of these gardens, Alberta Avenue Community League is organizing a bike tour of five community gardens this summer on July 24 and again on Aug. 28. This tour will start at Alberta Avenue Community Garden, then move through Elmwood Park, Eastwood, Parkdale-Cromdale, Northlands Urban Farm, and finish back at Alberta Avenue. 

Each stop will include a tour of the site and a short talk about their history and operation. The tour is an excellent opportunity for those interested in their local community gardens to learn more, but also for anyone looking for an interesting bike tour. 

Should you be unable to make the date and still want to experience the history of our local community gardens and enjoy the scenic tour, a virtual version of the bike tour will be available online at in August. The tour is a chance to see all the gardens in full bloom later in the summer at your own pace while still learning more about their history and operation.

Saturday, July 24
Saturday, Aug. 28
10 am to 12 pm
Meet at Alberta Ave parking lot on 93 St & 118 Ave
Go to for more information before the event.