This Halloween season, get prepared for a festive and family-friendly evening during Bent Arrow’s Great Pumpkin Event on Oct. 30.

“It’s one of our greatest events in the community,” said Arlysse Wuttunee, communications staff member at Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society. “It’s always been a way for us to mingle with the community beyond our clientele.”

Wuttunee explained that it’s Bent Arrow’s practice to be inclusive and inviting to the community.

“Ever since we moved into Parkdale, we wanted to introduce ourselves in other ways,” said Wuttunee. “We’re not closed off to other community members.”

The Great Pumpkin Event has always been a family-friendly Halloween celebration with indoor and outdoor fun, but this year organizers have added a few more activities.

The event starts at 5 pm, and visitors can expect a variety of Halloween-themed craft tables. Crafts include decorating mini-pumpkins and colouring. Wuttunee explained a number of different partners are participating in the event, and some of them are in charge of those tables and will provide the crafts. Some partners include Norwood Family Centre, Sprucewood Library, and Boyle Street Community Services.

And of course, there will be candy. These candy stations will include traditional Halloween candy, cotton candy, and a popcorn machine.

“I don’t know what the parents will think, but we’re excited,” laughed Wuttunee.

A costume contest will take place during the evening and Bent Arrow will be giving away prizes. Organizers also have a freeze dance planned for the children.

Some old favourites of the event include the Haunted Hallway.

“Children will be able to walk through and staff members will dress up.”

Outdoor activities are also planned. Participants can stop and warm up by one of the fire pits and roast hot dogs over the fire.

A horse-drawn hay ride will also be featured that evening. Wuttunee laughed and speculated that since it’s late October, there may already be snow. “It’ll get kids excited for the next big holiday. The hay ride is good for people who are stuck in the city.”

And, at 8 pm, people can expect a surprise finale to end the evening.

Wuttunee said that although a lot of inner-city residents attend the event, “the more, the merrier. For the past few years, we’ve really been getting the community involved. We have people who come in from all over Edmonton.”

She said Bent Arrow gets positive feedback from the people who attend.

“As a non-profit organization, you have to be fueled by heart and compassion. We’re driven by smiles on people’s faces. We put a lot of work in, but we get a great reward.”


Oct. 30, 5 to 8 pm


Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

Parkdale School

11648 85 St


Five fun DIY Halloween decorating ideas


Halloween is lurking around the corner and sure, it’s an opportunity to give candy to trick-or-treaters, but it’s also a chance to decorate your yard or balcony. Here are a few affordable and easy ideas to try out.

Using black construction paper, cut out shapes of cats, mice, or ravens and paste them inside windows or on your doors. (

A fun way to decorate for Halloween is to cut out silhouettes and paste them on your windows or door, like community resident Mel Peeler. | Mel Peeler

Buy a paper lantern from the dollar store and paste cut-out shapes of spiders on it.  (

Using a black felt pen, draw faces on white garbage bags. Then, fill the garbage bags with leaves from your yard, tie up the bags, and place them around your yard. (

Create a ghost using a tomato cage, small string lights, and a pillow case. Just wrap the lights around the tomato cage and place it near a plug-in. Then, cut out some felt material to make eyes and a mouth. Glue them near the top of a pillow case (the opening should face down). Once that’s finished, just place it over the cage and plug in! (

Create some ghosts using paper cutouts, bags, or pillowcases. | Pixabay

Make large googly eyes by drawing large black circles on balloons or a ball with a felt pen. Place the eyes in bushes for trick-or-treaters to see on their way up to your home.

Featured Image: Organizers have a lot of activities planned, like decorating mini-pumpkins. | Pixabay