Homework requirements are high, and sometimes students need a little help. Many parents are not able to help their children and, as such, are looking for a solution. This solution comes in the form of homework clubs, like the one that recently started at Parkdale-Cromdale Community League.

Jacqueline Mersereau is the sole volunteer and organizer at the moment, but is getting assistance from Sarah DeLano, the league’s programming director, who assists by providing light snacks to students attending the club. 

Mersereau describes her club as “a homework and tutoring club,” as well as “a safe and welcoming space for students who require extra help with completing their homework.” Mersereau has a degree in chemistry and a strong will to help students successfully complete their homework, which in turn may open many future career prospects to the students involved. 

The homework club is open to any student ranging from ages 10 to 18. The club is free of charge, and a league membership is not required to join. Students meet every Wednesday from 4:15 to 5:30 pm in the league’s lounge room. While the club runs for an hour and 15 minutes each session, students are not required to stay for the entire time. While Mersereau does not possess specialized training in helping individuals with either physical or mental health disabilities, she says “everyone is welcome.” 

For many students, the homework club is a safe haven where they can unlock their full potential. Mersereau says that the club provides “skills which are essential to success in school,” thus giving students attending the club the hope of improving their understanding of the subjects that they might be struggling in, which in turn will reduce the stress levels of the students involved and possibly their parents. 

Mersereau also says that the homework club “builds confidence, support, as well as gives students the feeling that they are good at something.” This in turn will help students develop skills they will find useful in the future to achieve the career of their dreams.

Many candles can be lit from one candle, in the same manner that helping even one student will in turn help many students to unlock their full potential. The homework club is an opportunity to improve, gain new knowledge, and open many future career doors. Do not miss this opportunity!


Parkdale-Cromdale Community League
11335 85 St
Wednesdays, 4:15 to 5:30 pm
Lounge room
Admission: Free