Travel north from 118 Avenue on 75 Street and you will come across the Elmwood Park Community League. Situated by the Trans-Canada Highway to the north and surrounded by parkland, it’s an easy building to overlook.  As league president Melanie Spitzer said, “we’re so tucked in, even the community hall is tucked into a corner of the community.”  

Despite the location, league board members are making a difference in their community. “At our last few events, the awareness and participation has gone up,” said Spitzer, whose quiet enthusiasm for her task as president is obvious.

The community league has a history of which to be proud. In October, I met Spitzer and learned about Elmwood Park while writing an article on vintage documents discovered in the building (see the November 2015 Rat Creek Press issue). The files had been stored and forgotten under a water pipe.  

The documents revealed that the community league was founded during post Second World War settlement and resulting community participation.  Approximately 55 per cent of the area housing consists of single-family homes, many of which housed war veterans and their families. The name Elmwood Park was coined due to the elm trees veterans planted along the boulevards.

The league has a lot going on for community members. On May 7, the league is hosting a safety fair where a police constable will be present to answer questions. Board members are also considering a community walk.

Membership in the community league is free. Members are entitled to a free swim at the Commonwealth Pool on Saturdays from 5 to 7 pm. They are also provided with skate tags which give free access to community skating around the city.

Board members are working to be responsive to their community. As Spitzer stated, they are “very interested in seeing what members of our community would like us to provide for them.”

Meet the board

  • Melanie Spitzer – President
  • Geri Redekop – Vice-President
  • Joleen Mazurat – Treasurer
  • Carissa Morissey – Secretary
  • Ricky Spitzer – Member at Large
  • Gilllian Daley-deGroot – Member at Large
  • Cindy Verner – Member at Large
  • Tracy Richard – Member at Large
  • Gord Richard – Member at Large
  • George Blanchett  – Member at Large

Elmwood Park Community League

12505 – 75 Street
Amenities: playground, baseball diamond, park space.
Phone:  780.479.1035