Michael Janics is no stranger to Alberta Avenue, as he spends countless hours volunteering his time to make his community a better place. 

“Volunteering does give me a sense of pride and self worth, boosting my ego and confidence in myself and my personal relationships,” says Janics.

Janics volunteers not only at Alberta Avenue Community League, but also throughout Edmonton. As a huge fan of wrestling since first seeing it at a young age at the Calgary Stampede, Janics loves to help out by cooking for Monster Pro Wrestling events. He also enjoys helping run a senior’s event with Carol Brooks, Community Drop-in Night programs with league president Ali Hammington, and local fundraisers with the facility and office manager, Karen Mykietka.

Janics is looking forward to an event he has been working hard on for the Alberta Avenue Community Centre on July 30. From noon to 8 pm, the Gnome Whom Did It Summer Garden Festival will take place, featuring a garage sale, farmers market, concessions, and mystery garden plot for kids involving the Edmonton Police Service. 

Janics can also be seen volunteering his time to help with snow removal or lawn care for seniors, or dropping food off for friends and families through food banks or soup kitchens. He has also pitched in his time at organizations throughout Edmonton like Bethel Church, Garneau Theatre, or Spirit of Hope United Church.

When not volunteering, Janics loves to go for walks, listen to music, or star gaze, which aligns with his love of astronomy. “Being the artist that I am, I always look for inspiration in nature, life, or even my own emotions from time to time.” He cherishes every bit of the time he spends on those walks.

Janics also enjoys painting, drawing, or working on puzzles. He cherishes his artistic skills and does his best to teach others in the community how they can develop their own skills. In fact, Janics found out recently through Alberta Avenue’s community garden that he is a decent gardener.

“Just don’t tell the president that. She will gloat,” he says.