Every year, the third Saturday in June is recognized as Neighbour Day, celebrating the act of being neighbourly, acknowledging those who live around you, promoting belonging, and curbing loneliness. 

The City of Edmonton is encouraging neighbourhoods and neighbours to connect with one another (safely and while physically distancing) to strengthen bonds, have fun, and build a foundation for future projects that benefit the entire neighbourhood.

The City of Edmonton’s Abundant Community Edmonton initiative encourages and supports neighbours to connect their block and organize small social events throughout the year.  On Neighbour Day take some time to go for a walk around your block to say hello while checking in on your neighbours.  

Let’s celebrate Edmonton’s strong community spirit together. Share your Neighbour Day experiences with us by including the hashtags #NeighbourDay, #GetNeighbouring and #AbundantYEG on social media!

For more information email abundantcommunity@edmonton.ca