This year, K-Days is offering some unique experiences, like an opportunity to create a short film or dance the night away. And best of all, both events are free with gate admission or registration.

The 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge is a partnership between K-Days and the Edmonton Short Film Festival.

“We’re trying to help Albertans become more creative for free,” said Carson Mills, communications manager at Northlands.

Participants are challenged to create a film using their cell phone. “You’re given three different elements that you have to incorporate in the film,” said Mills.

The challenge kicks off on July 20, when participants will meet organizers in Hall B of the Edmonton Expo Centre and discover the three secret elements. Participants then have two days to film and upload the short film to YouTube, with the remaining time of K-Days used to market the film online. Afterwards, a judging committee will look at the film’s story and at which film got the most interactions online.

“These things are a ton of fun,” Mills said. “To do it on your phone is a fun wrinkle in the project.”

Dance the night away at the Silent Disco Headphone Party on July 27-28. | Pixabay

Mills said cellphones were chosen because it was the most inclusive option. “Everyone’s got a phone that can do this.”

According to the K-Days website, “Prizes will be awarded for the best marketed film and the top judged films. Every 48 hour challenge film completed at the K-Days event will be eligible for screening at the ESFF @ KDays Film Festival on July 29. The top two winning films and the best marketed film will be  screened at the Edmonton Short Film Festival Gala on October 13.”

And for the first time, K-Days is holding a Silent Disco Headphone Party on July 27 and 28. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a silent disco is essentially a dance party with headphones.

“Three live DJs are taking the stage,” said Mills. Every participant receives a pair of wireless Quiet Events headphones for that night and can select songs from the three different playlists: top 40 and electronic dance; 80s, 90s, and early 2000s; and hip hop and R&B.

Mills said K-Days organizers include different events like the silent disco because it’s a great opportunity to try new things.

“The bizarre things are too good to pass up,” he said. “It piques that curiosity factor.”

Shoot a film using your cellphone with the 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge. | Pixabay

It’s also a great opportunity for people who love music, love to dance, and “who are looking to get the most out of summer.” Plus, the three DJs gives people a choice of music.

“You don’t always want to hear what everyone wants to hear. The control is in your hands,” said Mills.

The disco runs from 11 pm to 2 am and is for people aged 18 and older. A maximum of 500 people can be accommodated, so be sure to arrive early. The beer gardens will also be open during the disco.


July 20-29

48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge

July 20-22


Silent Disco Headphone Party

Tim Hortons North Stage

July 27-28, 11 pm – 2 am

Featured Image: If you’re 18 years of age and over, you can attend the Silent Disco Headphone Party. | Supplied by Northlands