I live in north Delton. Neighbourhood renewal has been going on since 2015, but it is still not finished. Curbs and sidewalks have been left undone, and we have had issues with an alley entryway that holds too much water. 

While the neighbourhood renewal seems simple, the City is not being upfront about how much it will cost taxpayers. The City makes it look simple, but simple is not free. 

The City gives you a choice: you can choose to pay the lump sum for neighbourhood renewal along with your taxes, or you can pay a small yearly fee. If you choose the yearly option, you will pay the yearly fee for 20 years along with the interest on the unpaid balance, which is 3.52 per cent. This is outrageous, and it ends up costing much more than if you pay the lump sum. 

The biggest issue is that we don’t all pay the same amount for neighbourhood renewal. People who live on a corner lot with sidewalks on both sides get charged double. My cost for neighbourhood renewal on 124 Ave is $1,051.50 and the cost for 90 St. is $2,414.75: a total cost of $3,466.25, before interest. 

I have brought this issue up with the City, and they couldn’t care less. Hopefully this will be helpful to the community. 

Doug Seaby