Rivercity Roof Rescue is offering free or discounted services

If it’s between buying groceries or fixing a leaky roof, an Alberta Avenue roofer wants to help.

Chris Workun understands the struggle and is offering free or discounted services to those who really need it. Workun, who owns Rivercity Roofing, started Rivercity Roof Rescue as a way to give back to the community.

“Anyone that needs a new roof, repairs, or anything to do with the roof, that can’t afford it,” said Workun. “We’ll fix it, hopefully for free or with very little cost to the homeowner.” He says the program is funded through proceeds of his paying jobs.

“To fund it, we’re taking $2 a bundle installed at no cost to the customers that comes straight out out of profits, and 10 per cent of repairs goes in for materials,” said Workun. Paying clients can feel good that their money not only gets them a new roof, but also helps people in need.

Workun’s clients are in more than capable hands. He’s been roofing for 14 years, and three years ago he started Rivercity Roofing. He wanted there to be a charitable part of that company, but making monetary donations didn’t seem quite right. So, his wife suggested: do roofs.

“I want to use our skills and talents,” said Workun. “I’d like to directly impact people with what we do.” So 2019 is the inaugural year of Rivercity Roof Rescue.

Everyone accessing the free or discounted service will remain anonymous. Workun says he understands financial stress and really wants to help people. He vows to treat everyone with the same respect and attention as his paying clients. If you think you might need some help, just ask.

“I know it’s hard to bring up, but you’ll have to initiate that conversation. People can also nominate a family or a friend.” He continued, “If it’s between making a mortgage payment, buying groceries, or fixing a leaking roof, I will do everything I can to help out.”

Repairs will be done in order of how urgent they are. Some may require a quick patch job to hold off until an overhaul can be worked into the schedule. Workun says he will do his very best to help everyone who needs it, and is looking forward to getting started: “As soon as the snow lets up, I can get back to work. I have already done a few repairs.”

Workun moonlights as a musician. He plays the drums for the Screaming Targets, an Edmonton-based indie punk band. Workun saves money during roofing season to tour with the band in the winter.

If people want to help the cause, the best way to do it is to hire Rivercity Roofing for all of your repair needs. He is also set up to take donations. Workun says experienced roofers are welcome to volunteer their time on charitable projects. If your roof needs rescuing, you can call, text, or email.





Featured Image: Chris Workun of Rivercity Roof Rescue wants to help those struggling financially who need a new roof or repairs. | Morgan Taylor