Norwood School’s Grade 5 students are learning about journalism


This month, we kick off a new monthly feature as the Rat Creek Press and Norwood Elementary School partner up to showcase student work and share some of their experiences with the community. Ms. Alita Rickards’ Grade 5 class, the Flying High Fives, have formed a newspaper club and will be taking photos of student work and writing captions each month. 

In January, Norwood Elementary students from Ms. Rickards’ Grade 5 class created interactive displays for their Regions of Canada Fair. Six regions were showcased: the cordillera region, interior plains, Canadian Shield, Great Lakes, Atlantic region, and the Arctic. MLA for Norwood-Highlands, Janis Irwin, attended the event and shared a laugh with students as they used charts, visuals, slideshows, puppets, and animal hides to bring their region to life. Other classes in the school attended the fair, held in Norwood Elementary’s Learning Commons, making it a school-wide educational opportunity.

Featured Image: The Great Lakes and Atlantic region booth had an authentic beaded First Nations jacket and a real beaver pelt on display. | Alita Rickards