Some family traditions endure through generations, like using only quality materials for buildings.

On May 26, staff and family celebrated the grand opening of Remco Memorials’ new building. Remco Memorials is a long-standing business on 97 Street and 123 Avenue.

Rick Reeson, son of previous and deceased owner Kenneth Reeson Sr., was behind the change. Although the family no longer owns the business, Reeson, a lawyer, still owns the land.

“I inherited this from my dad, but it’s something that’s really important to me.”

Two years ago, the building was in bad shape and he knew he needed to do something about it.

“This property has been in this location since the early ‘50s,” Reeson explained. “I was able to convince the tenants to demolish the existing building to construct this beautiful new building.” Reeson added that the family and the business have a very good relationship.

The new building has plenty of windows to let in light, landscaping surrounding the property, and room for new tenants.

“I’d like to increase the business profile and increase enhancements in the area,” Reeson said.

A plaque commemorating Kenneth Reeson Sr. is on the building and the building is dedicated to him, with Remco Memorials creating the plaque.

“[My father] and my grandfather were the builders of the business,” Reeson said.

Until selling the business in 2012, the Reeson family had owned the business since 1924. In fact, Reeson’s grandfather started it in Saskatchewan. After the family moved to Alberta, Reeson Sr. opened two locations: Remco Memorials on 97 Street and Value Monuments in Beverly.

Besides manufacturing plaques, Remco Memorials also sells cemetery monuments, awards, and community monuments. They also restore old monuments.

Reeson said the business provides a necessary service in the community “to people who have lost someone and are bereaved and want to memorialize them.”

Reeson also plans to improve Value Monuments’ building using the City of Edmonton’s Façade Improvement Program.

“I believe in this neighbourhood. I want to take pride in the buildings,” he said.


12333 97 Street


Featured Image: Staff and family celebrated at the open house. From left to right: Ingrid Laube, Rick Reeson, Donna Reeson, Holly Reeson, Katya Reeson, Matthew Reeson & Peter Reeson. | Talea Medynski