In the middle of last summer, I moved from southern Ontario into the Parkdale neighbourhood. Hands down, the BEST (and most unexpected thing) about being in the area was receiving the Rat Creek Press.

The first issue we got in the mailbox had a big front page article about the upcoming Kaleido Festival – something I wouldn’t have known existed without the RCP. We rallied the troops and went up to the Ave for the best example of how awesome our new community was! 

Every month, a huge smile crosses my face when I see the RCP in the mailbox, I break out a happy dance and sit cross legged on the couch reading every word with my dog watching over my shoulder. 

I’ve learned so much about our community through the RCP. All I had heard about the neighbourhood were the negatives, and it made me apprehensive about my future here. All of the positives that are highlighted through this paper have encouraged me to check out the community league, attend the festivals and gatherings, and try local businesses. 

You already know how amazing this paper is, and how meaningful it is to our community, but seeing it in writing from a stranger is never a bad feeling either. 

Reading this month’s front page made my heart ache. I would love to help keep the RCP in production. I do have experience writing/editing scientific reports if that’s helpful!  

Thank you, sincerely, for doing what you do. 

Izzy R