Come spring, witty signs with sayings such as “Gardeners share all the gossip” or “Did you know that Iris and Violet are in the same bed with Sweet William?” fill backyard gardens and front lawns.

This year, the Bloomin’ Garden Show is offering a garden sign workshop for people to create their own sign. At $20 per sign, participants can make as many signs as they wish.

“They are fun. They are personalized. And if you made it yourself, you are proud of it,” said Laurie Tod, who will be holding two workshops on May 13. “It’s something you can look at and know it’s made with love,” added Tod.

Tod said the signs also make a good gift.

“They are perfect for Mother’s Day. Perfect for grandma. Perfect for somebody that you want to put a little love into,” explained Tod. “They are also a way to keep it local and to not buy commercially.”

Tod is the owner of The Painted Cottage, a company that paints, finishes furniture, and creates custom work. After seeing the high cost of signs at websites like Etsy, she decided to make her own. She ordered some stencils online, painted away, and started selling the signs. Then, she decided to hold classes to teach others. Her first class was in November and the classes soon became popular.

“We do custom parties. Home parties. We come to you for a wedding or baby shower. Six to eight people or more. Up to 40 people at a time. We can offer a class in your house, in your business,” explained Tod.

Just like with her other classes, Tod is providing the supplies for the workshop. During the workshop, participants will choose the colour of the sign desired, and then choose the quote and colours for the lettering. Each letter can be a different colour if that’s what the participant wishes. Tod goes on to explain she paints the signs with a base coat of chalk paint beforehand, otherwise each workshop would be twice as long while waiting for the base coat to dry.

“The top writing is acrylic,” she explained, “then they will seal it in the class for exterior use to put in their garden.”

The two garden sign workshops during Bloomin’ Garden Show on May 13 are just in time for Mother’s Day. Both are beginner-level workshops, so there are no expectations of needing previous experience. The first workshop is from 10:30 am to noon and the second one is from 1:30 to 3 pm. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes creating the sign.  

There is room for 25 people per course, so register early. To register and to learn more, visit the Bloomin event page on Facebook or visit The Painted Cottage Facebook page.


9210 118 Ave

Laurie Tod: 780.264.4156

Feature Image: Create a garden sign at a workshop during Bloomin’ Garden Show. | Supplied