If your new year’s resolution was to lose weight or get fit, you’re not alone. The real challenge is to keep that same desire burning past March, and better yet, for the entire year and beyond. To keep your motivation going, Straight Blast Gym Edmonton (SBG) may be the perfect option.

Steve and Katy Winjet opened Straight Blast Gym Edmonton (SBG) in 2015, and they can help you to blast along your fitness journey. 

‘‘I am the head coach of SBG YEG, [I have] a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and [I] have also studied the art of boxing for more than 30 years. Katy is a purple belt who is an EA [educational assistant] at Highlands School, and the backbone of both SBG Edmonton and our home of three kids, two cats, and [our] dog, Penelope,’’ says Steve.

Steve adds, “SBG Edmonton is focused on creating family-based communities in both north central Edmonton and in Fernie, British Columbia. Although martial arts is the catalyst, SBG’s focus is on helping people discover and pursue their goals both on and off of the mats.”

The facility offers a variety of programs that cater to the entire family. According to Steve, “SBG Edmonton currently offers programs in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, striking, ladies fitness, and their flagship program, the Growing Gorillas Kids Leadership and Martial Arts program. We also offer team building, bully proofing, coach’s courses, and various other personal development.”

This gym is undoubtedly meeting the fitness needs of many. 

“The opening of the gym came out of necessity. By the time I reached blue belt, it became clear that passing on the art was my calling. A practice space that started as a 800-square-foot, semi-private training space for 10 people quickly grew to a facility that spans over 4,000-square-feet, boasting nearly 200 students and growing every day,” says Steve.

Many fitness centres charge exorbitant membership fees that create a barrier for people who can’t afford it. However, SBG has created a way to break down those long-standing barriers and enable greater accessibility to a gym. “SBG offers several different membership options, keeping affordability in mind while still honouring the value that comes with learning from world class coaches.”

Steve explains that the gym is for everyone, and is considered a safe place where people can be vulnerable. 

“Those who are interested in discovering and uncovering different aspects of who they are as well as learning a functional martial art that lends itself to real self defense are those best suited for the environment that is Straight Blast Gym of Edmonton.”

“Our focus is directed more toward those who are motivated to move into the self-actualization stage of their growth and are interested in being a part of a strong community that is driven to make the world a better place in its own way. SBG is a beginner-friendly facility that prides itself on being inclusive. We have a zero tolerance policy for anything motivated by hate or ignorance,” says Steve.

The couple adds that, “We put an emphasis on keeping the community that we have built safe, growth oriented, and grounded in authenticity and integrity.”

By catering to the fitness and personal development needs of a large market segment, SBG is having a major impact on the lives of many.

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