Sidewalk chalk is temporary, but Art on the Ave’s Chalk It Up event has been going strong for four years! What started as a simple concept—bring in some chalk artists and let visitors try it for themselves—has turned into a popular, free event with a pancake breakfast and art.

“It started with the breakfast, and then they wanted to add to it,” said Mary Ann Aquino, operations manager at The Carrot Coffeehouse. With a little brainstorming—chalk artists are always popular during Kaleido Family Arts Festival—it’s grown every year. “It’s perfect for the weather,” she said.

Be prepared to check out some 3D sidewalk chalk art. | Supplied

This year’s event on July 22 is going to be extra-special.

“We have a partnership with Northlands K-Days. It starts with a pancake breakfast and we close down 94th Street,” said Aquino. “Every year we try to bring something different, and this year, it’s a unique celebration of the 10th birthday of The Carrot.”

Ian Morris, a Vancouver artist, does 3D chalk art, and local artists (to be announced) will create their work throughout the day. After breakfast, the grills will get fired up for a barbecue, and live bands will play tunes until 8 pm.

“Kids come in and do their own thing, but it’s open for all ages. You can just come and pick up some chalk,” said Aquino.

Pick up some chalk and try out some sidewalk art. | Supplied

There won’t be any formal instruction, but anyone looking for tips will have come to the right place.

“Some artists will be doing their own work in designated areas, and you can talk to them about what they are doing. It’s great to have professional artists on site and have those conversations,” said Aquino.

The event goes from 8 am to 8 pm, so visitors are invited to drop in, eat a meal, try some drawing, and meet neighbours.

“It’s about community. People of all walks of life, all ages, local artists from the neighbourhood connect with other artists.”


July 22, 8 am to 8 pm

The Carrot Coffeehouse (9351 118 Ave)

Featured Image: Professional artists will give you some tips on sidewalk chalk art. | Supplied