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The federal election is fast approaching. On Oct. 21, voters will cast their ballots. 

In the RCP distribution area, we have the Edmonton-Griesbach riding and the Edmonton-Centre riding.

Edmonton-Griesbach Riding

Conservative MP Kerry Diotte

Conservative MP Kerry Diotte will be running against three other candidates for Edmonton-Griesbach. | Supplied

The riding’s Conservative MP, Kerry Diotte, is seeking re-election and says he believes this election is crucial. 

“Today, this country is at a crossroads. Trudeau and his Liberals have broken virtually all of the promises they made to Canadians to get elected in 2015, including a vow to run small deficits and then balance the budget by 2019,” says Diotte. “Instead, they’ve blown billions of more dollars than promised and appear to be headed to rack up a deficit of $15 billion this fiscal year alone.”

Diotte says if the Liberals are re-elected, they will increase taxes. “There are already broad hints they plan huge hikes to a national carbon tax, a tax we Conservatives will abolish if elected to government.”

If he gets re-elected, he will continue to provide a strong voice to his constituents. “Most importantly, I want to serve the diverse communities of Edmonton-Griesbach by assisting the hundreds of people who regularly come to my office for help navigating federal services on issues ranging from Canada pensions to immigration.”

Visit or call 780.701.0040.

NDP candidate Mark Cherrington

NDP candidate Mark Cherrington was a social justice advocate for 25 years. | Supplied

This is Mark Cherrington’s first time on the political scene. 

“I think that running in this riding, for this party, is a reflection of my values and the work that I’ve already done. I’m just building up on sort of what I’ve been doing, and that is basically helping people and helping our community,” says Cherrington. 

A social justice advocate for 25 years, Cherrington has a history of advocacy and working on systemic issues. He helped form Canada’s first sanctioned justice committee that dealt with racism and hate crimes called Youth Restorative Action Project. He also developed Canada’s first and only all-woman justice committee called Just-Us Girls. 

He wants to focus most on healthcare, but other crucial issues are the climate crisis, small business, banking fees, and lowering cell phone bills. 

If he gets elected, Cherrington hopes to continue being accessible to constituents. “I’m proud of my record and I feel good in my heart that at four in the morning, if someone is calling me in a crisis, I’m there. That’s who I’ve been and that’s who I’ll continue to be. I’m there to help our constituents.” 


Liberal candidate Dr. Habiba Mohamud

Liberal candidate Dr. Habiba Mohamud spent 10 years contributing to policy development for the Government of Alberta. | Supplied

Dr. Habiba Mohamud wants to help people build a better life for themselves. As a community-based advocate, she has worked with dozens of non-profit organizations. 

“Now, I want to be able to take those skills and experiences to Ottawa to help craft the policies that will help all Edmontonians,” she says. 

Mohamud has spent the last decade contributing to policy development for the Government of Alberta.

“How can we help families working hard to make ends meet? How can we help seniors have a more dignified retirement? How can we fight poverty? How can we continue to improve our immigration system? How can we grow our economy and create jobs for people?” says Mohamud. “If elected, I will advocate for all of these issues, but more fundamentally I will advocate for you.” 

Mohamud says the Liberals have done a lot for families, such as the Canada Child Benefit and the Canada Workers Benefit. 

“The Liberal party is the only party that understands that we cannot choose between protecting our environment and creating jobs by getting our natural resources to new markets. That is why we have done more to protect the environment than any government in Canadian history while doing the hard work necessary to allow construction to begin on the Trans Mountain Pipeline.” 


People’s Party of Canada candidate Barbara Nichols

PPC candidate Barbara Nichols teaches ESL students. | Supplied

Barbara Nichols was raised in the professional middle class, but also struggled to rear a large family during a recession.

“As your candidate, I am passionate about restoring a government that will unify and empower our citizens to take back our personal, social, and financial responsibilities,” says Nichols. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in special education and a graduate diploma in adult education and ESL. She’s also a master’s student in family studies and qualitative research.

Actively involved in her community, Nichols is a volunteer and co-ordinated a food bank for seven years. While living in Alberta Avenue, she coached children’s soccer and helped patrol the streets and clean up discarded needles and garbage.

Nichols currently teaches ESL adults, preparing them for permanent residency and citizenship while developing testing programs. She also does administration work.

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is a new political party based on the old Canadian Alliance party. Maxime Bernier launched it last September and Elections Canada recognized it this January. The platform focuses on restoring the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The party believes in less government intervention and more personal responsibility, supporting economic growth through free enterprise and markets along with less subsidy and less lobbying for special interest groups.

Nichols is committed to having an open-door relationship with community members and with being their voice in Parliament.

Contact Nichols at or visit

Edmonton-Centre Riding

In this riding, voters will have the option to vote for six candidates: Conservative candidate James Cumming, Green party candidate Grad Murray, Liberal MP incumbent Randy Boissonnault, NDP candidate Katherine Swampy, Marxist Leninist candidate Peggy Morton, and People’s Party of Canada candidate Paul Hookham. Out of the Edmonton-Centre candidates, only Paul Hookham responded before press time.

People’s Party of Canada candidate Paul Hookham

Paul Hookham is an entrepreneur. | Supplied

Paul Hookham is an entrepreneur who built and sold two enterprises.

He states that the PPC is attracting people who previously supported the NDP and Liberals. 

“We’re pro-immigration, just immigration that is controlled, fair to those who have gone through the system legitimately, and compassionate to actual refugees who flee persecution. We’re pro-multiculturalism, we just don’t think the federal government needs to pay for it. We’re pro-Indigenous relations, we want all members of the indigenous community to participate and benefit in our economy, not incessantly throw out empty apologies and unctuous platitudes.”

He plans to focus on lowering taxes, look at how the government spends money, balance the budget, and curb spending overseas. Visit

Featured Image: On Oct. 21, voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots. | Pixabay