This past year was productive for the board. We saw the addition of a few new faces to the team, and it’s been great to have capable folks at the governance table.

We spent a weekend undergoing formal board training, which helped us to identify opportunities for improving our policies, procedures, and governance structure, and we’ve spent the past few months realizing these improvements.

This year’s improvements to our governance include developments of:

  • Contracts for the board’s three independent contractors.
  • A robust policy manual.
  • An orientation manual for new board members.
  • Dedicated committees to work on specific projects or initiatives.

While governance is currently our primary focus, this isn’t the only area where we are making strides. We have also formed a committee on community engagement, which will work to strengthen our relationships with the communities we serve.

Looking ahead, I’m keen to continue making progress on tackling governance tasks identified through our board training. We’re also hoping to establish an efficient onboarding process, more clearly defined roles, opportunities for skill building, and a sound succession plan for board volunteers.

We still have the Fundraising Coordinator board position open. If you’d like to support RCP by organizing our biennial casino and seeking new opportunities for revenue through advertising or other means, drop us a line at [email protected]