Another municipal election has come and gone. Mayor Don Iveson has returned for a second term, claiming a landslide victory with 72.47 per cent of voters supporting him.

In Ward 2 and 7, Counc. Bev Esslinger and Counc. Tony Caterina kept their council seats.

Esslinger won by a good margin in Ward 2, garnering 53.71 per cent of support. Ali Haymour followed with 23.28 per cent of the vote.

Esslinger noted, “I ran my campaign as if I was in last place and did not take anything for granted.” She said a priority is “improving transit service, safety and access to northwest LRT for Ward 2.”  She added, “I would also continue to advocate and advance the LRT bridge over the Yellowhead and CN rail yards.”  

In Ward 2, Counc. Bev Esslinger won by a large margin. | Supplied

Ward 7 witnessed a close race between Caterina and Kris Andreychuk, with Caterina winning by 165 votes.

Well, it was certainly a tight race. I’m happy and feel honored to be given another opportunity represent Ward 7 and continue with the progress we have seen over the last decade,” said Caterina.

In Ward 7, Counc. Tony Caterina kept his seat on council by 165 votes. | Supplied

Caterina thanked voters, saying, “But regardless of who the votes were cast for, I’m here to represent every resident in the ward, and I’m looking forward to continue much of the great work we’ve started together.”  He urged residents to contact his office to resolve any issues.

He said he’ll continue working on projects like revitalizing Norwood Boulevard and neighbourhood renewal, but is particularly excited for the Northlands Area Structure Plan and site redevelopment.  

Ward councillors remained the same, but Trisha Estabrooks is the new public school board trustee in Ward D and Carla Smiley is the new Catholic school board trustee in Ward 73. Both Estabrooks and Smiley claimed nearly 45 per cent of support in their respective wards.

Trisha Estabrooks is the new Ward D public school trustee. | Tamarra Canu

“Stronger bridges among government, home, school, and parish mean better supports for our children. I am committed to strengthening the ties that build a net of safety, security, and love which will allow each child to thrive,” said Smiley.

Smiley said one of her first priorities is to meet with every school council in her ward.

Carla Smiley is the new Ward 73 Catholic school trustee. | Holdsworth Design

Estabrooks said, “I am incredibly humbled by the support and the trust that residents and voters in our neighbourhoods have placed in me and I look forward to serving as their trustee for the next four years.”

She added, “One of my first goals is to visit every school and meet with every parent council within the ward. I’m working hard to get a French language immersion program in place and will continue to advocate for full-day kindergarten in our elementary schools.”

And Ward 4’s new councillor, Aaron Paquette, is the second Indigenous councillor since 1968, when David Ward, an Inuit man, was elected.

According to Edmonton Elections, voter turnout was 31.5 per cent, down from 34.5 per cent in the 2013 election.

Featured Image: The Oct. 16 municipal election has come and gone. | City of Edmonton