The City of Edmonton’s neighbourhood renewal projects continue in Alberta Avenue and Eastwood/Elmwood Park. 

Alberta Avenue’s neighbourhood renewal started in 2019. This year construction will include areas between 118 Avenue and 122 Avenue.  

“Residents can expect to see new concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter replacement, new asphalt road surface, new LED street light system, and replacement of surface drainage structures,” says Donny Fung, engineering project manager. “Once the sidewalk removal and replacement along the west of 94 and 91 Streets and 119 to 121 Avenues is complete, roadway reconstruction will begin followed by landscaping work.”

Upgrades to the street light system include galvanized poles. In neighbourhoods with mature trees, the height of the poles will be reduced to allow better lighting. “New street light pole base, underground conduit installation reconstruction, as well as surface drainage upgrade is substantially complete,” says Fung. “What remains to be done is concrete work, roadway construction, light pole/fixture installation, and landscaping.”

The City will send community members a letter about the construction and some additional bike lane information.

“Some residents are not familiar with the proposed traffic flow change,” says Fung. This summer, another bike lane will be added along 92 Street from 111 Avenue to 114 Avenue. “The protected bike lane on 119 Avenue from 97 Street to 93 Street should also be opening soon.  This information will be included in the next letter.” Fung recommends residents to visit the project website for more information on the final bike lane configuration and proposed traffic flow changes.   

In Eastwood/Elmwood Park, neighbourhood construction began in spring 2020. This year, construction will be taking place from 89 Street to 76 Street along 120 Avenue and 119 Avenue.  

This year, construction for Eastwood and Elmwood Park started in April. | Farai Mudede

“Renewal work includes the reconstruction and paving of roads, removal and replacement of public sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as street lighting,” says Farai Mudede, project manager.

Construction on 82 Street to 76 Street along 120 Avenue and 119 Avenue is underway. Upon completion, construction will start on 82 Street to 86 Street, along 120 and 119 Avenues.  

“We are also updating parks and open spaces in Eastwood/Elmwood Park,” says Mudede.  “There will be renewal work in James Kidney Park beginning in June that will include new pathways, sod, and tree planting. During construction, the park may be closed to the public.”

Residents may notice more noise and traffic. 

“Streets may be blocked off with roads and sidewalks inaccessible,” points out Mudede. “‘No Parking’ signs will be posted at least 24 hours before the restriction. The project is progressing on time and on budget.”

The tentative end date for the 2021 construction for both the Alberta Avenue and Eastwood/Elmwood Park projects is the end of October depending on weather conditions. Both projects will also address deficiencies noted last year. For Alberta Avenue, these included surface concrete cracks in curbs and gutters, sidewalk works, water valve elevation adjustment, and debris cleaning in catch basins. The Eastwood/Elmwood Park project has remaining landscaping work. More information can be found on the City of Edmonton website.

Alberta Avenue

Eastwood/Elmwood Park