Anne Stevenson is the newly elected councillor for Ward O-day’min and she says she has so much love for the neighbourhoods that make up her constituency. Stevenson wants to be a voice and “try to help with any issues that come up.”

Stevenson adds that she is honoured and grateful for everyone who supported her through the campaign and says it is “a dream come true to serve in this capacity.” 

Racism is one issue already discussed. On Oct. 26, Stevenson was part of a unanimous vote approving a motion to work on an anti-racism strategy. “It is a powerful experience to be a part of. Setting a clear message from council, and at the end of the day anti-racism work is about being a strong community together and not allowing anyone [to feel] excluded, and no one missing out on others’ contributions. Racism creates such a barrier to getting the full capacity out of our communities and societies, and we all suffer collectively as a group when not everyone can be safe nor share their voice.”

Stevenson says she is “eager to start on projects such as housing and homelessness initiatives.” Stevenson is the director of strategic initiatives for the Right at Home Housing Society where she enjoys working with executive director Cam McDonald, and would like to help find solutions that can improve the current situation in our city. On Nov. 22, which is National Housing Day, Stevenson is planning to make a notice of motion around an initiative at the council meeting and she is excited to see the city support affordable housing.

When asked about the new council, Stevenson says, “Diversity is exciting on this council and a huge leap forward. Something to absolutely be celebrated.” She adds that many groups are still not represented, and she would love to see an even more inclusive and diverse council in the future. However, she says she thinks this council is collaborative and is excited to be working with others like Ward Métis Coun. Ashley Salvador.

Stevenson says that city council has been discussing finding the balance between work life and home life. She asks for people to have patience with her at this time and if she cannot attend an event, it is not for a lack of desire, but for her to find that balance.

When Stevenson and a group of friends lived together for a year abroad and then lived in different cities a few years later, they would get back together. Stevenson and her friends would have a rose and a thorn conversation where “everyone would go around and share one great thing and one not so great thing about whatever.” Stevenson hopes that her ward constituents will be willing to approach her and have that kind of rose and thorn conversation.