Menu now offers food from South and Central America

In addition to the new faces behind the counter at Jasmine Belle Café these days, you will also find a bit of Colombia has inserted itself into the little café on the northwest corner of 87 Street and 118 Avenue.

New owners Maria and Osvaldo Corsi took over the space in January and re-opened the doors in the middle of February. Although they won’t change the signage, they’d like to call it Sabor a Colombia Jasmine Café. While the décor has changed little, diners will find the menu is now offering more fare from South and Central America, while continuing to offer old standards from all over the map.

Although the restaurant doesn’t open until 11:45 am each day, the new owners have a few breakfast items available, including arepa de huevo, Colombia’s contribution to the breakfast sandwich (with two eggs and bacon and includes coffee or hot chocolate for $9.95).

Osvaldo and Maria Corsi are offering lots of food from South and Central America. | Mimi Williams

A wide variety of appetizers and light meals are suitable for a quick lunch. From empanadas de carne ($3.95 each) to poutine ($7.99) to wor wonton soup ($13), there is a good variety to choose from for a number of price points.

Those with larger appetites or who are venturing out for dinner might opt for the sopa de mariscos, a hearty seafood soup containing shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, squid, and fish (served with bread or tortillas, $19.95) or the pan-roasted salmon steak (with rice and salad, $18).

While the menu leans heavily towards seafood, you’ll also find spaghetti and meatballs ($14.95) and large, fresh salads suitable for a meal (mixed or caesar $8; add chicken for $4).

Whether you stop in for a full meal or just a snack or a coffee, you’ll find good food at reasonable prices. The friendly hospitality of Osvaldo, who works the counter and serves tables, and of Maria, who works in the kitchen but is happy to say, “hello,” is a delightful (and delicious!) addition to the Avenue.


8702 118 Ave


Tues to Fri 11:45 am – 8 pm
Sat 11:45 am – 11 pm
Sun 11 am – 6 pm
Closed Mondays

Featured Image: Osvaldo and Maria Corsi are the new owners of Sabor a Colombia Jasmine Café. | Mimi Williams