Organizer hopes seminars will spread to other local leagues

Virginia Potkins is not wasting any time getting programs off the ground in her new role as program director for Alberta Avenue Community League. Beginning on Oct. 10, Potkins will run a monthly speaker series, aimed at educating Alberta Avenue league members on a wide range of topics.

“It’s not my idea,” says Potkins, chuckling, “I stole it from Terrace Heights Community League.” Last year, the Terrace Heights speaker series covered practical topics for its members, including retirement planning, funeral pre-planning, and downsizing. Potkins caught on to the idea of educating people about relevant issues in their lives. 

The speaker series will focus on a variety of practical topics. | Pixabay

The speaker series is intended to have a seminar format. The Oct. 10 evening will focus on home renovations, particularly for homes typical in older neighbourhoods. It will feature Christie Mawer of Reface Magic. Her company refinishes cupboards to make them look new again. It offers an economical method of renovating with style on a budget. Potkins plans to announce other speakers for the monthly event soon.

Potkins has several ideas for the speaker series. February may have a theme of love, in recognition of Valentine’s Day. It could focus on dating in today’s climate of online relationships and ever-changing attitudes and circumstances. Another theme she is considering is travel for singles. People who enjoy travelling alone face unique challenges. “Everything is more expensive,” she points out. “A room costs the same for one person as it does for two.” 

She says she would like to explore resources or hacks for the solo traveller as well as see an evening about the challenges of looking after a heritage home. She may use some of the themes that worked for the Terrace Heights league. Resumé writing is another topic that she is excited to share. “Some people think they have no skills, but really, they just don’t know how to present their skills.” 

For all her ideas, Potkin’s wish is to hear from the Alberta Avenue community about topics that resonate for league members. “Just contact me with your idea, and I’ll find speakers.”

Admission is free for anyone with a league membership, and sessions will take place at the league (9210 118 Avenue) beginning at 7 pm.

Potkins wants to encourage interested people from outside Alberta Avenue Community League to reach out to their leagues and establish a similar series. “That’s what community leagues should be doing,” she says, “helping people to rise up, giving them a hand-up rather than a handout.”


Beginning Oct. 10

7 pm

Alberta Ave Community League

Free with any league membership (please get your membership from your home league).

9210 118 Ave


Featured Image: Community members can reach out with suggestions on desired topics. | Pixabay