Community is built on volunteers, and in Delton, Jay Ferguson is one of the volunteers who works hard to uplift the community. 

Ferguson moved to Delton in December 2021, and despite being new to the neighbourhood, she is already very involved. 

“I’m a huge people person and I figured that the best way to get to know people is always to get involved,” says Ferguson. “I’ve grown up volunteering and so I knew that volunteering and getting involved… would be the best way to learn [about] the people in our neighbourhood.”

Ferguson serves on Delton Community League’s social committee, and this summer, she plans to step up as the director of the committee. 

So far, Ferguson helped organize  a Parent’s Day Brunch at the league and a fundraiser for a refugee family originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

“I also help out just with… the yard work at the hall there, cleaning, anything basically that needs to get done,” says Ferguson. “We’re there to help out.”

Ferguson says she believes in the importance of volunteering, and she instills that outlook in her children. “When we did garbage cleanup at the hall, we got my children involved in it just so that they can grow up learning [about the importance of volunteering] as well.”

Ferguson is happy that she and her family are involved in the Delton community. 

“I love it. It’s a great community. I’m so glad that this is where we ended up,” says Ferguson. “[It’s] such a welcoming community… and the [league] board has been so welcoming.”

“I came from Viking Alberta, which was a great place to live, but I never really got to know my neighbours there that well,” says Ferguson. “And here, in the short time that we’ve been here, we’re good friends with all of our neighbours. Everybody looks out for each other. And so, I absolutely love it.” 

In the winter, Ferguson is looking forward to helping out with the Delton ice rink and driving the Zamboni, since she has experience working in an arena. 

“Even though we’re just newbies, we just jumped right into lending a hand [with] whatever needed to be done.”

Ferguson encourages community members to come out to events at the league, which are low cost or even free.  

“[We will] continue to try and do whatever we can to get people to come out.”