Northlands’ new vision Proposed changes are both innovative and risky

The clock is ticking to determine the future of the aging hockey arena and the entire Northlands site.

Northlands’ proposed Vision 2020 strategy for its 160-acre “campus” is a huge gamble. On one hand, it’s a $165-million-dollar “re-creation of recreation,” marked by massive changes to its three main venues. On the other is the spectre of a derelict site inspiring falling housing values and increased crime.

“We don’t want Vision 2020 to be an all-or-nothing strategy, but we also don’t want Northlands to be the next not-for-profit society that is $20-million-dollars in the hole and no way to pay it back,” President and CEO Tim Reid told community league members in February.

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Readers support Rat Creek Advertisers Letter to the editor

Some months ago, I believe you ran a story about a local female plumber. Would you be able let me know who that was and/or the name of her plumbing company? Thank you.

Keep up the good work, by the way. We pick up a copy of your paper every edition and yes, we try to give business to advertisers in your paper when we can. Hope the Rat Creek Press remains running for many years to come.

Greg Pang
RedFrame Law

Concerns about Northlands’ new vision Letter to the editor

The Northlands Park Vision 2020, particularly the outdoor concert space they are planning, will affect the horse racing community and people that live and work at the racetrack. This is a place that is more than an industry. It is a family, a way of life, and more importantly, a historic place that has been functioning in this city for over 100 years, 30 of mine.

My neighbourhood deals with issues like noise and parking. Patrons from Northlands Park currently do not respect the neighbourhood and the parking laws within it. If they intend to hold concerts/festivals that have an attendance of upward of 140,000 people, just think of the issues that will come with this type of traffic.

I hope to see in the next issue some information on how this will affect the communities that surround Northlands Park.

April Welch
A concerned resident and horse racing advocate