New league president is fundraising to build a new hall

Morgan Wolf, the new president of Elmwood Park Community League, grew up in the area, travelled all over, and finally ended up back in Elmwood Park. Two years ago, she joined the league board.

“When I came on as a member-at-large, lots of stuff [community activities] was happening in the community that hadn’t happened in a long time,” Wolf says. This inspired her. “I thrive on the sense of being a part of a community.” So when the position of president was open in October, Wolf decided to put her name forward and was selected.

“I’m someone who never says no to an opportunity,” Wolf says. She’s been a figure skating instructor and a personal trainer. She’s also been a letter carrier, a job which took her all over Canada and into the United States. 

As an animal lover, Wolf fosters puppies and is on the board of Muttstock. “I started my own dog daycare business, which I sold in 2020.” 

If all these jobs and experiences seem varied, it’s deliberate. “You never want to pass up an opportunity. You might miss something awesome.”

Wolf’s biggest goal for the league is to build a new hall. | Jennifer Ostopovich

Wolf explains her biggest goal as president is to build a new hall for the league. Several years ago, the hall burned down due to arson. The league currently has a survey circulating asking residents about the future hall, and fundraising efforts are underway to raise money.

“The community hall can really be the heart of the community. If I had my way, I would have it completed by 2022.”

The upcoming fundraising event is a Purdys Chocolatier fundraiser. Find details on 

Besides building a new hall, Wolf also wants to build community in Elmwood Park. She hopes some online events will do just that. 

“We’re trying to throw a few ideas together,” she says. Depending on what people want to do, such ideas could include a murder mystery, talent show, paint night, or town hall meeting. Visit for news of upcoming events or join to meet neighbours.

Wolf has also taken on the position of Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) District G representative. She explains her role as “a liaison for all the communities in a district to get in touch with EFCL. I’m that contact point.”

Wolf is the representative of 12 leagues in District G, which includes Elmwood Park, Eastwood, Spruce Ave, Parkdale Cromdale, Delton, Westwood, and Alberta Ave community leagues.

“Anything that passes on to the EFCL is passed through me, like the rink guidelines,” explains Wolf. She says she decided to run for that position because she wanted to represent her neighbourhood. “I’ve got a soft spot for our little rough-edged neighbourhood.”

Feature Image: Morgan Wolf (right), with husband Dwayne Wolf (left). Morgan is the new president of Elmwood Park Community League as well as the EFCL District G representative. | Jennifer Ostopovich