Cards Nights and Art Nights welcome people of all skill levels

Alberta Avenue Community League is now hosting Cards Nights and Art Nights these coming months.

Two friends, Virginia Potkins and Julie McCrea, started hosting Cards Nights at the league in July. It all began with the purchase of new crib pegs. 

“We kind of had an idea that, ‘Oh, we should get together and play some cards’, because Julie and I got these wonderful crib pegs that we bought at one of the pop-up markets,” says Potkins.

“I mean, you can’t get something like that and NOT play,” adds McCrea. 

They are planning to hold Cards Night the second Friday of every month from 7 to 10 pm. Once more people participate, they might look into getting a liquor licence and providing food. They will be providing several decks of cards, a cribbage board, and some poker chips. They can teach people the card games that they know.

People of all skill levels are welcome to attend. | Stephen Strand

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to play bridge, so it would be awesome if someone knew how to play bridge and could teach us,” Potkins says with a laugh. 

League members are welcome to attend free of charge. To register, visit the league’s Facebook page and let them know you are planning on attending or simply show up. People of all skill levels are encouraged to come out and play.

For the artistically inclined, Josee Francis hosts an Art Night at the league. 

“I always thought there should be art lessons available. There are a couple other places to make it available, but I just felt there wasn’t any kind of thing going on here,” explains Francis. 

Virginia Potkins (pictured) is one of the organizers of Cards Night. | Stephen Strand

The classes will focus on different things to paint. 

“In the weeks to come, there’s summer florals, there is a vegetable one, because, you know, the gardens will be spitting out their stuff too. Classic paintings have often been flowers and vegetables,” says Francis.

Classes are available to all skill levels. 

“I understand what it is to be an artist and have some skills and this knowledge, so I can help people even if they are advanced. And if [it’s] the first time they are ever dipping into paint on a brush and they are just scared stiff, I can deal with that too.” 

She says people need to start somewhere and that the classes are a good way for them to explore.

The crib pegs that started the whole idea of Cards Night. | Stephen Strand

“I find that watercolour, any of the arts really, the first time you get into it, it can be really pricey,” explains Francis. “My hope is that they go on to an art store and buy their own stuff and keep doing it.” 

Classes cost $10 per person plus a tip (whatever you wish to give) and are twice a month over the summer. If enough people attend, classes will continue into the fall. Although the classes are intended for adults, teenagers can attend with their parents. To register, visit the Alberta Avenue Community League website:

For more information, visit the league website and click on Alberta Avenue Opportunities Hub or view the community newsletter available through the website.

Featured Image: Two friends, Virginia Potkins (left) and Julie McCrea (right) created Cards Night after buying crib pegs. | Stephen Strand