The Rat Creek Press Association is recruiting new board members to join our dedicated team! We are seeking a Volunteer Coordinator, a Fundraising Coordinator, and a Vice Chair. Residents of Alberta Avenue, Parkdale-Cromdale, Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Spruce Avenue, and Westwood are eligible to join our board. We welcome diverse applicants and individuals who are new to the neighbourhood.

What we do:

Meet once per month for one hour on a weeknight (usually 7:30-8:30 pm at the Ab Ave Community League, but sometimes other locations).

Committee members possibly meet one additional time per month.

Committee chairs prepare committee meeting agendas, chair committee meetings, and prepare a brief (one paragraph) committee report each month.

Occasionally correspond by email or review documents on Google Drive.

Pick up a shift at our biennial casino (you get a free meal!)

Participate in our annual board member appreciation event!

Take a break in December, July, and August because everyone needs a holiday!


We are looking for a:

Volunteer Coordinator: You leverage our volunteer community, help organize our volunteers, and develop ways to show appreciation. We’ll train you on our volunteer tracking software.

Fundraising Coordinator: You organize the biennial casino and seek new opportunities for revenue through advertising or other means.

Vice Chair: You are training to become the next Chair and our current Co-Chairs will mentor you. Plus, you’ll gain experience with board governance and leadership.

Interested in joining our board? Let us know! Submit a brief, one-page letter of intent to outlining your interest in the Rat Creek Press, whether you have any previous board or related volunteer experience, and in which neighbourhood you live.

Applications are due Monday, Nov. 27.

Applicants will be required to attend our Annual General Meeting on Nov. 30 at 7 pm to be eligible for nomination to the board.

Jessica MacQueen, Chair

I joined the RCP board to get involved in the community, meet new people, and support a publication I value. While gaining volunteer experience and connecting with neighbours, I’ve also developed my capacity for leadership and governance and mastered the art of running an efficient board meeting.

Nicole Malenczak, Vice Chair

I help in some small way to bring the paper to people’s doors. I love the sense of connection it gives me to people I might otherwise never meet. The RCP is one of the resources giving our community its unique personality. Think about joining the board if you’d like to see this organization continue.

Joe Wong, Treasurer

I’ve always enjoyed reading the RCP to keep up with the goings-on in my community. I’ve been able to fill a need by using my accounting knowledge and gained invaluable new experiences.

John Dunn, Recorder

I joined the board to help support a paper that I feel is an important part of our community and gained valuable experience in learning how a volunteer board operates.

Patricia Dunnigan, Director

The Rat Creek Press has been an important source of information to me since I moved to this neighbourhood in 2003. I find a unique vibrancy, diversity, and sense of community in this area. My role allows me to work with a committed team to ensure the paper continues to keep us informed on local issues and events.

Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck, Director

I’ve served on the board for five years (in addition to writing for the paper) and have witnessed an amazing development since then. It has blossomed from the dream of a few individuals to a sophisticated and professionally-directed newspaper. I have been proud to be part of this transition and am looking forward to the RCP’s continued evolution.

Seán MacQueen, Director

I was recruited to join the RCP board last year and am grateful I was given the nudge to do so. I’ve applied my previous board experience to assist in governance and building resilience. The board is very welcoming and encouraging, and, boy, are the meetings efficient!