Mothers aren’t always appreciated for the work they truly do for their family. This year, though, with restrictions being lifted, Mother’s Day events and brunches are happening once again. But no need to look much further than Parkdale-Cromdale Community League to treat your mother.

Last year, the league made the best of Mother’s Day without hosting an event. 

“We had a giveaway of some chalk and a little instruction manual of how to do some flowers in chalk art. And then we asked people in the community to document what they drew on their sidewalk for their mom,” says Sarah DeLano, the league’s programs director. “It was weird last year in terms of gathering.”

But this year, the league is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch. When this article was written, organizers were still working out the finer details. “What we do have in the works is Samosas and Mimosas,” explains DeLano. “Because it rhymes, and both of them are great, and they’re good brunch menu things.” 

Mama Asha Café will be providing the samosas for the event. “The restaurant is great. We have ordered their food before for our league functions. They make the best samosas,” explains DeLano. “We are probably just going to do a low-key, sort-of, brunchy thing. We might have a little gift for moms. And then we usually have a place that people can take pictures with their mom as well.”

The Mother’s Day event will be right on Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8. “Depending on how the weather is, we might take it outside to our back patio space. Or we might just have it inside. We will see how the weather is,” DeLano explains. 

The event will be free to attend, but the mimosas (or MOMosas, as Delano wants them to be called) will have a small price tag of $3 each. There are no capacity limits or tickets for the event, but it will be a first come, first serve basis. This is enticing, because the samosas will be free as long as they last. 

Why samosas and mimosas? “The MOMosas, we were pretty big into that, because it’s just a clever play on words and, as a mom, I love mimosas. Nothing better than a brunch. I believe the samosas were our president Kevin Wong’s idea,” explains DeLano. The entire league is huge fans of Mama Asha’s samosas, and they loved the play on words. Not only do samosas create minimal cleanup, but it also helps out a local business. And it’s also a nice way to show mothers some love.

“We super appreciate the moms in our neighbourhood. Especially as a community league, moms are often the heart blood of the community. And we’ve got lots of moms volunteering. And lots of kids coming to programming and the moms are always there. It’s just a way to appreciate all of the things that they do for their families and for the larger community as well,” DeLano explains.

Everyone from the surrounding neighbourhoods is welcome to attend. Visit for more information about this event.

Sunday, May 8
10 am to 2 pm
Parkdale-Cromdale Community League
11335 85 St